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  1. Haricot Vert

    Arthritis relief for dogs

    Hey, I am sorry for your families troubles. There is an website called that is a wealth of information for anyone that is looking for non-surgical non-pharmaceutical solutions. The The website is an amalgamation of global individuals contribute their experiences with various...
  2. Haricot Vert

    I'm looking for some top shelf Sour Dubble crosses.

    Chunkeys Bagseeds is coming out with a new cross, but I think Great Lake Genetics may have one currently.
  3. Haricot Vert

    Top notch seed banks that Growers don't know about

    I really enjoy PeakseedsBC
  4. Haricot Vert

    Best 4x4? Mars hydro?

    I've been buying tents for over 10 years. Lots of different makes and sizes. I am very happy with the Green Architecture brand, and recently put up a new 4x4. Good stuff.
  5. Haricot Vert

    recipe for micro growing?

    Hey Dirtbag, I'm running coco and the basic vegamatrix line.
  6. Haricot Vert

    recipe for micro growing?

    I will be having a small LED 2x2 grow that will have 4 plants in 1-2 gallon containers. I will be mixing up about 1 gallon batches of nutrients. Because I am only using 1 gallon of feed water, how should I adjust the measurements? Would I put some nominal amount like 1/4 tsp of each of the 3...
  7. Haricot Vert

    What Is The Top Three Strongest Strains You Ever Smoked?

    PeakSeedsBC Northern Skunk Joey Weeds C99xA11 Some Northern Lights I didn't grow...
  8. Haricot Vert

    Which Calcium + Magnesium Supplement Do You Recommend To Use In Coco?

    Does calcium carbonate work as fast as calcium nitrate when using the coco in more of a hydroponic vs amended way? I always thought there was some lag time or inefficiency with the carbonate.
  9. Haricot Vert

    3x6 Tent

    Couldn't find a 3x6 anywhere. Thanks for the suggestions folks!
  10. Haricot Vert

    Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

    There is at least 1 very long thread on IC in the Organic Hydro section on using sea salt as/in combo with ferts. Very interesting read. What I got out of it is that NaCl exclusive from the bath of other minerals found in seawater is not so good. But when taken as part of a whole the benifits...
  11. Haricot Vert

    3x6 Tent

    I am on the lookout for a tent that has a 3' width and a 6' length. I've tried the usual suspects but cannot find one. Does anyone recall ever having seen one and where/what brand? HV
  12. Haricot Vert

    Thanksgiving Day Sale !

    Shit! Just found out about this. Well I'll be adding you on instagram for the next opportunity.
  13. Haricot Vert

    Starkiller(rd) Male

    I'm glad I found this thread! Ran Starkiller a couple of years ago. Was my first forray into the OG's. I'll be looking forward to finding your gear if its available to the masses. Wedding ring sounds especially fun... HV
  14. Haricot Vert


    Hi there, I noticed you were working with a selected male of Starkiller. How is that coming along and when will seeds be available for purchase? Is there a set line-up of moms he's been crossed to? I've run Starkiller in the past and would love to run again. Especially if someone else has done...
  15. Haricot Vert

    Spacing For Gavitas?

    I am new to the DE style, but have been growing SE, 1 bulb vertical for a while. I am thinking of stepping up and trying these in a 10x10x10 tent. I will begin my own thread documenting progress, as well as input from the community. My questions regarding spacing has to do with the AC/DE hoods...
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