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  1. CardinalPuff

    What are you listening to right now?

    @Beachwalker haven’t heard the tubes since the ‘70’s
  2. CardinalPuff


    I like the look of that blue og. What is this hyper glue you hit everything with? Your own creation?
  3. CardinalPuff

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Makin’ Seeds. kinda hard to see but... #1 Blue Coffin x Bruce Banner #2 Bruce Banner x Bruce Banner
  4. CardinalPuff

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Blue Coffin (cough x blue heron #111)
  5. CardinalPuff

    Can anyone give me some advice on odor control? I don’t grow but neighbors do

    Get to know your neighbor. You don’t have to be best friends. Offer him a beer and just shoot the shit with him. Fake an interest in growing. (Over time) Is it hard to learn? Is it expensive? Could you make any money? Must be hard to control the smell, what about thieves? Etc. etc.
  6. CardinalPuff

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Bruce Banner from Dark Horse, 28 days from flip.
  7. CardinalPuff

    How many Senior Citizens are on here?

    Planted mine along side an old abandoned barn. Got to about 3ft. tall before someone else liberated it from me.
  8. CardinalPuff

    How many Senior Citizens are on here?

    Coming up on my 61st year in a few months. Put my first plant in the dirt in ‘73, actually found it growing in the dirt at the edge of a parking lot at a local dive bar and transplanted it to a more “secure” location. Been growing off and on ever since.
  9. CardinalPuff

    Dark-cycle interruption

    Some growers use a light cycle known as the gas lantern routine (GLR), where they interrupt the “night” portion of the cycle with an hour or so of light. Never tried it myself but you can google it for specifics.
  10. CardinalPuff

    Unexpected GDP Cross

    Very should document it here so we can see what you get.
  11. CardinalPuff

    Basic diy worm bin.. perpetual search for perfection.

    Great idea...I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite awhile but for some reason never seem to get around to it. Think I’ll follow along and see if I might learn something.
  12. CardinalPuff

    Canappa's Gutter Grows

    Just scrolled through this whole thread. I’m in. Should be interesting.
  13. CardinalPuff

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    @Srenots - Super lemon haze. I like the sound of that.
  14. CardinalPuff

    Strain Hunting 🔎

    Never heard of forbiddenseedco, but anyone who puts themselves out there is going to have haters. Then again, sometimes you just have to pay your money and take your chances. Good luck with your hunt.
  15. CardinalPuff

    Strain Hunting 🔎

    Just picked up a pack of Casper OG seeds. It’ll be interesting to see how that clone plays out for you. Think I’ll follow along.
  16. CardinalPuff

    Mimed’s Perpetual Thread

    Looks good. You’re definitely doing something right. Hope I’m as successful once I move indoors.
  17. CardinalPuff

    Pics From My New Samsung S10 Plus

    Nice effect...plants look good as well.
  18. CardinalPuff

    Cherry Pie X Hyper Glue

    lol. this is making my teeth itch....
  19. CardinalPuff

    Blackberry Gum

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Was looking forward to watching your grow... I try to source my seeds from U.S. based vendors whenever possible.
  20. CardinalPuff

    Diy Auto Curing System

    There are auto- cure products out there but they’re kind of pricey. Even the “digital cure cork” for an individual jar runs upward of 200 bones. Google auto cure, you’ll get a few to come up.
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