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  1. Aksarben

    Trying to start a seed company

    Here is a quiz for you all. What is the difference between hemp seeds and marijuana seeds? Answer: Nothing. There is no discernable difference between a Cannabis sativa "hemp" seed and a Cannabis sativa L. "Marijuana" seed. Neither contain any or at least only trace TRACE amounts of...
  2. Aksarben

    What is going on here?

    Late last fall I had 2 plants inside getting close to being harvested. Jack Herer Auto, smaller plants in a 2 gallon pot. I saw what you showed in pictures and upon examining with a strong magnifying glass I saw that these 2 plants were literally covered in aphids... LOTS of them. No way to...
  3. Aksarben

    Stripped all the leaves off my plants

    Seems counter productiive to remove leaves on a plant that is not immenently close to harvest. Leaves are the source for photosynthesis and help to mature a plant to it's fullest potential.
  4. Aksarben

    The History of OG Kush

    Last summer (2019) I grew some OG Kush Auto. I really like it, but how far off do you reckon it is compared to the Ocean Grown Kush of yesterday? Grew very nice with great resinous buds.
  5. Aksarben

    The Skunky Dunk farm

    Love the cat picture! Reminds me of Jinx, who was constantly eating on my pineapple leaves (grew a few pineapples.) What are your thoughts on some of the Autoflower strains? I have had very good luck with Wipeout Express Auto and I see (from that some of the Autos top...
  6. Aksarben

    The History of OG Kush

    Looking over records I must confess,that Skunk #1 was not grown, but only on my wish list. I could have sworn I grew it since my wife COMPLAINED of the skunk smell in the house a while back. I have several "Skunk #1" saved in my wish list (Autoflower) but not sure which one to actually try...
  7. Aksarben

    The History of OG Kush

    Now, throw in some Cannabis ruderallis in the Autoflower group. Some of the Autoflowers I have grown this last summer, outside, are pretty outstanding. I have tried, in Autos, Zkittlez, OG Kush (excellent!) Royal Crematic, Skunk #1, Gorilla Glue #4, and my favorite, Wipeout Express Auto...
  8. Aksarben

    Accurate Information About Autoflowering Plants

    I have grown photoperiod and Autos. I'll stick with Autos from now on out. Potency? Some of my Auto show up at 15 to 20% THC, so the potency is there and is way better than it was when I was younger, back in the 1970s. I live in SW Michigan, close to the lake. I need something I can grow...
  9. Aksarben


    We have 4 Toy Fox Terriers. Small, but they will bark at a cricket farting outside, or any "visitor" be they the postal lady, or just me coming home. The only think I'd worry about with dogs and pot thieves is the chance that the thief would be armed and kill the dog, no matter how big or...
  10. Aksarben

    What’s a basic NPK ratio for all stages of growth that’s better than no fertilization at all?

    What I have used before and works great for Cannabis is a liquid called Foliage Pro9-3-6. I use 1 tsp / gallon of water. Then, I saw it listed on a full page ad in one of my Marijuana grow magazines, and it is USED by many professional Marijuana growers. It has done great for me all this...
  11. Aksarben

    I found these wild cannabis plants in our neighbourhood. Is my suspicion right that smoking buds (once they are mature) from these won’t make me high?

    A LOT of that grows in central and Eastern Nebraska where I'm from. We called it "Nebraska No Buzz" "Ditchweed" "Nebraska Nonsense". However, like one says, you never know. Only difference between hemp and marijuana is the legal threshold, which was a meaningless number came up by a...
  12. Aksarben

    Turning a branch from Female to Male for pollen

    I have some Autoflower growing and have a Heavy Weight Seed (HWS) High Density Auto that I experimented on for the first time, to see about making "female" pollen for making up more feminized seeds. I work in the lab at a local winery and I made up a 2 part concoction that when blended...
  13. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    Correct me if I am wrong (newbie to all this Really!) but my understanding is RSO is Rick Simpson Oil and is made up with the sole goal of high THC "tar" and cut then with oil.? Don't think Cannabis satavis L. hemp will be in that league. I grew some Pink Kush CBD 30:1 which is very...
  14. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    I add some MCT coconut oil to the capsule as was told this increases bioavailibility I'm wondering what pepperine would do added with the MCT oil, in the capsule? They use pepper for increasing the uptake of Turmeric.
  15. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    I actually have an Ardent Nova Lift Decarboxylator. I have used it for the wife's Phantom OG and meter out about 40mg of flower that has been decarbed into gelatin capsules and add 4-5 drops of MCT oil to it and seal it. The Nova List does an excellent job of decarbing and I do not...
  16. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    I've also started using left over coffee containers to hold buds. Big, wide and for Auto a nice size to hold a few plants. Impervious to UV as well. I just need to make sure I don't make coffee with the buds.. LOL
  17. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    BTW, I work as an Assoc. Winemaker, in the lab, at our winery and right behind me is a 300 lb Nitrogen tank I use for testing membrane filters. It has a regulator attached that lets me start out at around 2 psi and go up from there. Nice for blowing out computers as it is free of any moisture.
  18. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    Anything like this? Actually bagging with nitrogen, purging the air and replacing nitrogen might be the preferred way. They bag salads and other perishable in nitrogen filled bags in the produce section of our grocery stores.
  19. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    Thanks for that Ace. The buds were already dried for around 10 days in our spare bathroom (no windows) with a very small fan stirring the air to help with air circulation. Just thought maybe CO2 would be good idea to help repvent molding in the jar. Like I say, I am brand new grower and...
  20. Aksarben

    Is curing in jars bullshit and a way to justify wrongly dryd buds

    What about adding CO2 to the jar? I have some Auto OG Kush in 2 jars and I cracked the lid a bit and introduced CO2 from our Soda Stream carbonator. Good or bad idea?
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