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    Cubing - A myth by Chimera

    heavy stuff
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    Cannabis cures cancer
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    Greenhouse Trainwreck Clones

    Trainwreck next on the list for me, def pulling up a chair.
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    FF's Side By Side Laboratory - at last!

    wow, what a difference!
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    Ozone damage or cal/mag deficiency

    have you ruled out pests?
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    Sick of Sativas!

    king7.... possibly the new jesus christ?
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    Sick of Sativas!

    patience is a virtue my friend
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    welcome to the farm
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    bubble session

    to make the balls, did you just hand rub/role the kif? and what does it smoke like?
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    the three cheezers!

    i've gotta move out there!!!
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    FF's Side By Side Laboratory - at last!

    fastforward you'll probably be up for member of the month! again!
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    FF's Side By Side Laboratory - at last!

    this should be a good show!
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    bubble session

    very nice
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    alright, welcome
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    Problem with some leaves on my plants

    what is the soil ph?
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    high yeilding strain?

    "the doctor" outdoors yield upto 1200g/m2, available from the greenhouse seed company.
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    pre-Flower Help

    theres no preflowers in those pics mate
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    *Papa Kush's FIRST GROW Diary*

    i don't think you could make them look any better if you tried PK
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    Hi Guys...

    welcome to the farm, you'll get all the info you need mate right here.
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    protest by smoking outside UK Parliament

    The idea is to have 100's there, the more the better. I'm sick of feeling persecuted, I want to stand up for what i believe in (and I go the balls to do it). Nothing is happening on the cannabis front (well very little). I think is time to make some real noise, not just sit back waiting for...
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