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  1. Wee Zard

    DIY LED with COBs - small medium and large grows

    A dimmable constant current supply for the wealthy. Me? I just raise the lights or lower the plants. :) And my bi-color lights have inline dimmers on the red and the blue. That lets me play with the plant's morphology. Details on demand.
  2. Wee Zard

    DIY LED with COBs - small medium and large grows

    LED is the better choice for many reasons.
  3. Wee Zard

    Any guesses on what this is??

    Research. Look up the lineage. I doubt that its a mix up. Much more likely to be a phenotype. It will take after one of the parents. Crossing 2 kine for the first time can give you 8 slightly different siblings. Breeding stable IBLs is a long and difficult task.
  4. Wee Zard

    DIY LED with COBs - small medium and large grows

    Used to. now they are inexpensive enough to buy.
  5. Wee Zard

    L E D lights poll survey (please help out)

    If it's prostate cancer, you are on the right track. When you get up and running get back to us. I have information on extraction and dosage. Aloha, Wee Zard
  6. Wee Zard


    And, thanks to your advice. I've got an 8 foot beauty on my lanai.
  7. Wee Zard

    Help identify pests

  8. Wee Zard

    Help identify pests

    I'd say thrips or "glass bugs". Turn the leaf over and use a 30 - 50X magnifying lens Look for poo, (small, dark, dots), eggs, (pale green), and small, almost transparent bugs. Thrips lay eggs, the larvae that hatch have a snack, then drop to the soil and burrow in. Then they go through 7...
  9. Wee Zard

    Help Don’t know what I’m doing wrong .

    She does not look well. You may have to rinse her down to bare roots and re-pot into slightly moist soil. Then weigh it. After the first watering, weigh it again. Write it down. Now you will know when, and how much to water. And, If you get that straightened out. The stem coloring says the...
  10. Wee Zard

    Understanding Transpiration

    Just wondering why this was stated; "Stomata are most sensitive to blue light, the light predominating at sunrise. " That is simply not correct. Quite the contrary. Red and far red prodominate morning and evening as the longer path through our atmosphere scatters the blue.
  11. Wee Zard

    How Dark At Light Out?

    Threatco has it right. It's level + time. Any light level lower than 1 Lux is good all night. That's the approximate level of a full moon in the tropics. They can take a few flash photos with no problem too. It's very bright, but very short. Kinda like lightening in the tropics. :) Aloha, Weeze
  12. Wee Zard

    Water Cloning In A Cup

    Um, Not! :)
  13. Wee Zard


    Mo' betta? Wait at least 30 days. Our Governor just extended the 14 day quarantine to July 31st. They are tracking and arresting tourists who try to cheat. What a world, yah? Just pretend this is the view from your hotel window.
  14. Wee Zard


    I have a friend in the Ca hills. Genuine OLD grower. You may have known him as Horseman Rocks. We have been exchanging genetics for years. He is the source of the Gainesville green. He had dozens of top shelf, buds going last fall when a Harly went hernie, and spooged the entire garden. We have...
  15. Wee Zard


    Finer than frog hair split three ways! Sometimes, life is very good, yah?
  16. Wee Zard


    Harlequin, Skunkjack, Tangie, Kush, Ice Breaker, Gainesville Green, Golden Diesel, and crosses. Got a great harem, what I need now is a low enough RH to get some in jars. Good to see you here DB.
  17. Wee Zard

    these little douche bags :)

    Hand pick them beasties. Safe, and effective.
  18. Wee Zard

    Yellow veins showing up on seedlings

    "The problem is only on the top leaves the lower leaves are not showing any sign of this. " The lower leaves show the history. New growth shows current health. If she were actually deficient in mobile elements. the lower leaves would get raided.
  19. Wee Zard

    Yellow veins showing up on seedlings

    Looks like suffocation to me. If they stay wet too long the water loses it's air and the roots can not breathe. Lift them. If they are heavy, (read wet), you can try flushing with some well aerated water. If not, you may have to re-pot them into dryer soil. I had to do that last week to a...
  20. Wee Zard

    Looking for a good microscope that shows the images on TV/ monitor.

    The $17 digital scope can take some decent photos, and videos, but you do have to set the clunky software up for that. The default settings are not high definition.
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