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    Help, Brown Spots

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    5 Days Of Light Rain Incoming... Cover?

    Yesh, and don't forget those meshbags for the ultimate in guerrilla bubble-hash experiences...
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    Brown Spots Showed Up Today. Help Needed.

    HFS, so much nattering.... You are short on Ca, you are not running a low enough ph on feeding to make the carbonates in your soil available. You could go Calmag but that screws the pooch on Mg and nitrates so you might be better off with a little broadcast and cautious tillage of some...
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    Gleaning Grams At .00075 Torr

    You know this is all very exciting, but in the end it is just an evolutionary dead-end. Any "skills" attained now in dealing with scraps will be supine'd when this all becomes an industrial process in the all to near future. If you seek some kind of zen mastery, focus on some unique quality...
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    You know, if that's all you got and all you'll have, it probably won't kill anyone or taste any shittier than when it went into the jar but.... the only truly safe and responsible action is to Nuke it from Orbit.
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    Yellowing And Rust Spots.

    If it were Ca the leaf serrations would be sharper and closer together. the NPK is certainly the kicker on a diagnosis of insuffcient K and an overdose of P. (and N and Mg)
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    Trimming And Transitioning Through Bloom

    Da Swami sez " I see powdery mildew in your soon future" You don't need less leaves, you need less plants. That is the Zen, until you grip that you're in trouble...
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    I Believe 62% Humidity Storage Is Too Dry. Am I Wrong?

    It is different for everyone, size of container, amount of material, shape of container, ambient climate, type of container, temp, personal pref's... That's why they come in so many RH's - find what works for you.
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    Gavita Causing My Plants To Will. Stumped??

    Plants produce specific chlorophyll mixtures (there are many kinds) to best utilize the light spectrum they are receiving. When you radically change the light spectrum with little acclimation the plant can literally starve because it can't feed on the new light spectrum. There's more wrong than...
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    Abrogate Mi Gets Green Light!

    I just don't see any reason to favor this approach over the existing one, all this does is dilute the pool for eventual approval. All I can imagine is that this is just a bunch of stoners collecting donations for a Kushy job for a couple of years, with no thought or regard for the actual...
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    Removing Pesticide ?

    Uh, didn't you read the thread? NO, you can't fix this on the back end, that's why " Start with pesticide-free material" is the best and ONLY answer. Whatever it takes too achieve this is the only correct course of action. There is no "pro" trick for making good on contaminated concentrates...
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    Leaf Discoloration

    Too much Mg and K, not enough P. The weird bleaching is still a mystery, but it's not mites. Cut your CalMg in half and your Potassium Silicate by 2/3, maybe a light foliar of P.
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    Buds Look Sad At End Of Week6. Need Help Diagnosing What's Wrong.

    OMG, I wish I had the three days it would take to type out all the reasons why this is wrong, bad, and a waste of time but I'm getting old and life is short. Stop what you're doing and start again when you have some idea about what da fuck, cause you just don't have a clue. And what the fuck...
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    Michigan To Introduce Bill To Legalize Marijuana

    If that whole screed had even a scintilla of prescience then I would be able to buy a decent fucking tomato in the supermarket
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    What Are These White Spots?

    the pics aren't quite detailed enough to be absolutely sure as shit, but that really looks like white fly larvae damage - but you should have noticed that, right? of course, it really doesn't matter because with that size problem at that point in bloom there's nothing you can do that won't...
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    Psi Labs (something Not Right Here)...

    I am never impressed when someone joins the forum just to badmouth someone. There's just no credibility at all in that practice, just a petty angry teenager lashing out...
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    Water Temp??

    Pretty much everything I've read, states that for indoor soil/soiless grows 68*f is the correct temp. Anything colder reduces root activity and hence, throughput until temperature rises.
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    Buds Not Filling Out Proper

    Too many hormones.... looks like the old Superthrive symptoms - no one could believe the low recommended doses and ALWAYS over did it and ended up with what you have. I don't know squat about "Turpiur" but just from the name it sounds like BFT, was that your latest addition?
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    Raid Fogger Bomb Ok To Use In Flower?

    what's the matter, sounds like you're trying to figure out if you can smoke some of this, or is it safer for you to sell it all now that you've turned it into poison. So what are you going to be? A moron or an asshole?
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    New Here! Can Answer Mmj Industry Questions If Any Are Interested! :)

    It's not rocket science, you live in Arizona - it's dry, so turn a room into a humidor and store your bud in there. No fancy, expensive containers - just standard equipment available in many forms for the cigar and wine industry. That's fine for a month or two - if you can't move the material...
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