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  1. Animal Chin

    Gettin' weird and having fun at Animal's House

    Well then...lets porn it up shall we? 😎 We got action! Respect to Twenty20 Mendocino genetics first of all. 100% germinated at the same time, nice consistency, I'm a happy grower and if anything goes south it's on me at this point and I cant blame the seeds This germination technique may...
  2. Animal Chin

    Why don't regular farmers have problems like we do?

    It would be funny to drive by a farm and see four large water tank like structures with two being marked A Grow & B Grow and the other two marked A Bloom & B Bloom with a 5th marked Kernel Max 420 Corn Supplement 😋 I get what you're saying though. Sometimes a plant really is just a plant but...
  3. Animal Chin

    looking for stories of how others have been busted

    I only have this to offer. Back in early 2000's, maybe around 2004, US Marshalls did a raid on a wanted fugitive at an apartment on the other side of a field behind my home, maybe 100 yards away. He gave them the slip, cut thru the field and over a fence into peoples backyards. They got him...
  4. Animal Chin

    Stoney's Spot

    Just all kinds of awesomeness man! Great to see what's happening in your world again and I love that trailer jack on the front end of the smoker!!! 😜 Classic Stoney Luv shit right there! 😎✌
  5. Animal Chin


    I would go ahead and plant them. Nice job! ✌
  6. Animal Chin

    Narrowing Down These lights, what do you think?

    I just wish sometimes when I read thru 100+ questions on Amazon somebody would ask... Does this light grow a lot of good pot? I think the answer to that question would help more often than not😋 Best of luck with your choice man, hope it works well for ya!✌
  7. Animal Chin

    Gettin' weird and having fun at Animal's House

    Thanks Man! We had a couple days of really good beneficial rains and it made things jump alive around here. I even collected some of the rain in a bucket for germing my beans and today saw a lot of seeds with tails popping 🎉 Oh yeah that's an LED! I tell ya..If there's one light out there that...
  8. Animal Chin

    auto burping buckets... Glass or Plastic?

    I'll offer up option C...Stainless steel 😉 After using Cvaults and steeltainers, I'll never use glass or plastic again I also line mine with parchment paper so the flowers dont leave sticky good stuff behind in the container.
  9. Animal Chin

    Gettin' weird and having fun at Animal's House

    Thanks Buddy! Great handle of my fave songs ever. I think if my handle was a Marley song it might be The Heathen 😋 He does live the good life! Thanks for stopping in this thread Cattapilla! > < > < Some fresh happenings... dropped some seeds yesterday after my latest order finally...
  10. Animal Chin

    Where can I order the best seeds?

    Nope... just the sticker 🤣 It's gonna look great on my cars roofrack! Those Pupil cuts from Mass Med look like fire though. Katsu Pupil speaks to me in my sleep saying "order me" and I'm like "but you're $125 for 7 seeds!"😋
  11. Animal Chin

    Where can I order the best seeds?

    FWIW I can vouch for GLG being 100% legit and really awesome to deal with. I always send cash with tracking, they respond when they get it, and they send tracking when it ships. Dragonboat is as cool as they come indeed. Personally I'll never order from the UK again. I've had four packages...
  12. Animal Chin

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Another breeding project in progress. This is something I'm calling Texas Bluebonnet. It's the F1 results of Texas Butter by Greenpoint X Motown Lockdown by Next Generation. Some of these flowers are holding F2 seeds inside
  13. Animal Chin

    Do hotdogs fall in the sandwich category?

    Trying to sell a lips and assholes sandwich was gonna be a hard so they had to give it a better name. Hot dog was born and the rest is delicious history.
  14. Animal Chin

    Aquaman gets dirty

    I have the basic autopilot co2, temp, & rh monitor and am always surprised at my co2 levels with me, a wife, 2 dogs, and 2 cats in our small home. I rarely see it below 900ppm and it's usually around 1200ppm. My room is not sealed but even with a door closed and exhaust on 24/7 the gas still...
  15. Animal Chin

    Trim bin - worth it?

    I have one of those and the other type too sold by Monster Gardens but I cant remember what they call it. I use the bins but not for intended purpose...Just a good way to get a quick and ez dry sift when I wanna play with some kief or makes a nice bin to catch frosty goodies I snip off by...
  16. Animal Chin

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Thanks buddy! It's more of an IBL I guess today? It's Ript Banana (Ghost OG x Kosher OG). Got a pack of seeds back in 2014, popped a few and got some fire better than anything I had grown. Dropped the rest of the pack and picked the best plants to make more seeds. The offspring came out well and...
  17. Animal Chin

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    A home bred project paying off well ✌
  18. Animal Chin

    Dose anyone grow fruit n veg in your back yards .

    Working on it! I've been repurposing a lot of things retired from my indoor grow room into the outdoors for food production. I'm reusing old soils, containers, an ebb & flow table, and even a LED grow light. Last year was a mere test to see if my plan would work and it did so this year I've gone...
  19. Animal Chin

    Gettin' weird and having fun at Animal's House

    IDK even know where to start so I'll start with this...Meet Oliver!!! So here's where I'm at the moment..... Gathering supplies & seeds, cleaning the g-room and making adjustments and repairs. Just pulled a decent haul of my home bred genetics last month, actually harvested...
  20. Animal Chin

    Air pots medium?

    lol The airpots lay flat for storage then when needed they wrap around the base and then secured with a screw in button. Then ya fill it with dirt as normal. When it's time to upcan just reverse the process by taking out the button and unwrapping the plastic from the rootball. Here's a video to...
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