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    my first diary (lapis mountain indica)

    Lollipopman, I did the Lapis Mt. Indica/DC this summer. It was incredible. Great yield. GREAT buds. Super stinker-jars are the only way to keep it down. Make sure you really let them finish. The sugar leaves will load up with dark red trichomes. That Afghan smell and taste is...
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    Best strain for making bubble hash?

    Two primary phenos that I observed. Rene, which had a unusual taste(good) and terrific high and nice, dense buds. The other, Blueberry pheno tasted more like the blueberry. The high is very clear, strong and long lasting. I'm at the bottom of the jar and it will be missed.
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    male plant dies instantly

    What strain? Some plants don't like to have "wet feet". As it has been raining for months now, I might suspect that. Or, too much fertilizer could get to a toxic point and drop a plant in a day or two.
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    Jack The Ripper

    Big Buddy, My JTR is going to have to go some to get in that catagory. Incredible. When Sub chimes in with a comment like, "Huge" you know you've done well.
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    Super Silver Haze...

    SSH-funny how everyone's tastes and opinions on good herb are different, but ssh is always in the conversation.
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    Mirre @ 76d chop shots

    FF, Make sure to update with a smoke report. Karma says the high is narcotic. That sounds good.
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    Anyone tried Rambo?

    Love to try the Rambo. Bug resistence is something I could use this year. Rainy and buggy this spring. Come on sun.
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    Which Strain?

    SSH all the way. Although some of the special editions offered currently would be great. The Mango Haze/Skunk should be special. The skunk came from seeds popped from some circa 1988 seeds. The male selected is supposed to be very special. Time will tell. Or, Mango Haze x Afhgan Haze. How...
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    Super Silver Haze...

    Some SSH back at THCbay. Great price.
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    Bring them out Chimera. Can you describe the high. Especially from the mexican side that you used. I've had the Highend, BB pheno and it was an up clear beautiful high. Is the mexican that racy high?
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    gfxbb a beast among us

    Nice looking grow Adam. I can't wait to get the gf/bb.
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    Anyone tried Rambo?

    I'm waiting for Rambo Part 2.
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    Congress to consider allowing marijuana possession

    Ron Paul is a good and rare public official. Hope they have success.
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    Nice Kush eh'

    Great looking plant. Love the serrated leaf structure. Nice finished buds.
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    My Fave Co-ops in the SFV

    You have to love Cali. Hope this spreads out.
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    Cherry Assassin - smoke report

    Nice smoke report. I can almost taste it.
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    MJ Botany chap.3/Genetics and breeding of distinct cannabis by Robert Connell Clarke.

    Good read. Anybody know what year that was published? I'm thinking around 1980?
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    Week 7 Chem Double Under Dawg

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    mns seeds

    Shiva, Where ya been? In the past 60 days there have been 10 or so strains of Shanti's available here at the farm. As a matter of fact, there are still 5 or 6 strains available as I type this.
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    Congress to consider allowing marijuana possession

    You had me until you said Barney Frank was in envolved. That guy is an albatross. He's the one that said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were doing a great job.
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