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    hash tincture

    decarb in the oven at about 165F for 30-40 minutes then add your liquid.
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    I cannot find any fucking BREAD anywhere

    It sounds like you need a better girlfriend not better bread. I use a Breadman Pro and it makes the best bread ever.
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    Fav 80's movies

    Repo Man
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    Poll: Gold vs. Paper Money

    complete agreement except that is the spot price of gold per gram not oz. FYI - 31.1 grams per troy oz.
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    Poll: Gold vs. Paper Money

    like anything involving money you do have to buy smart, negociate well and take advantage of opportunity. i just picked up some gold coins & sm. bars and some silver bars in a private sale from a guy who desperately needed money. I got a very very good deal vs that days spot price, I paid 82%...
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    Poll: Gold vs. Paper Money

    the original boom and bust cycle
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    Poll: Gold vs. Paper Money

    I like gold. Silver too. Prices are shooting up which is okay but I like metal for it's international liquidiy.
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    Just got busted at London UK Airport

    close one. glad you are safe
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    is cigaret smoke good co2 for indoor grow????????

    nope its a bad thing.
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    "Emergency" Meeting in Denver!

    got any reporters in Denver? they should expose the Board for its actions to the public.
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    do any of the thcbay seed breeders breed for yield????

    While I feel size matters I prefer quality over quantity. Unless you're just cashcropping.
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    Would you recommend pots or earth?

    Pots, big ones or raised beds.
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    Hello All, No1s Wifey checking in

    aye, and you're standing in the shite.
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    question about cuttings

    give them two weeks to root after taking the cutting then flip to 12/12
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    heard some dispenseries are selling bull****! is this true for your state/city/area?

    In LA I have never seen the brick.schwag at a coop but I don't ask for it either. Most of the clubs I've been to are all about stocking the good stuff. Bad meds don't sell well and attract clients.
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    high noon on fox business....

    true legalization would deter illegal grows on public lands. But raiding and protecting those lands should and will continue.
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    N.N.C.C Being raided Now..4:30 pm wed 10-22-10

    no one should have to go to jail for cannabis, period.
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    Hello from [email protected]

    welcome sir. enjoy!
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