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    Karma's White OG V2.0 tested by Rival79

    I think my number 1 is similar to your number 1 at least as far as looks go, your number 6 looks like a cross between my number 2 and number 3 kinda. Crazy good variation in these, Got 4 amazing phenos, I love it! I've only had little samplers off mine so far but I agree with you, very strong...
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    Karma's White OG V2.0 tested by Rival79

    Nice plants Rival! Do you have a smoke report on em? I got 4 ready to come down in little less than 2 weeks probably and I think I have 1 of the same pheno's as you! Killed it man, karma's gear rocks for sure!
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    White OG v2

    Sup Budmuncher! Had to come over here so I can lurk your grow on these, hope ya dont mind me taggin along! Hopin ya find some fire! I had a great ratio on mine 4/5 females, hope you have the same luck :) Take care:cool:
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    My 3 prisoners

    Hey Hazeman and farmers, I dont post much, more of a lurker but I wanted to drop in and say thank you for such wonderful genetics...I've been very impressed by you and mota's work, I just got done with some rocky mountain high and it was some of the tastiest most unique smoke I've ever grown...
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    Tahoe OG & Pre-98 Bubba Kush from Cali Connection

    The pre-98 s1's came out I wanna say a year or year and a half ago. I totally agree with Tex on everything he has said about em to...I popped 3 beans and have been running a clone of 1 of the plants since then, some of my favorite smoke ever. As far as vigor...its a slow ass vegger, atleast its...
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    600W Super-Cali Haze + Romulans

    Nice pics, lookin forward to seeing your grow and what you get. Was lookin at some of those beans myself.
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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    Doc ya killed it man. Those look sweet, hope mine turn out the same. Cant wait for the smoke report.
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    Dr.GT ChemDawg #4

    Damn fine lookin buds so far. Just started 3 of these myself hope they turn out as nice as yours are lookin.
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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    Wow, much better pics Doc! Glad JH prodded ya into it, was a great idea :)
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    HERIJUANA, BUBBLEGUM,(hoping for pollon chuck)

    Hey D, Nice grow ya got going. I'm doing sannies herijuana also and they look pretty much like your fat leaf pheno's, I had 1 skinnier leaf pheno but it turned out to be male. I think you said you only have 1 female? How is it looking / smelling? Sucks you got so many males, hopefully you get...
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    MI Caregiver

    100+ plants together is just askin for trouble though even if they belong to 2 different caregivers, maybe be legal in the state / city but the dea wont give a shit
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    Winta's Chem family!!! Elites,crosses and mo!

    Nice selection man, should be cool seeing some side by side growin done. Should be in for a fun grow you lucky dog ;)
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    OG Kush from Bagseed- Day 55 bloom

    Lookin good man, how was the sample nugs?
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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    Since you had a little was the buzz?
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    Dr Greenthumbs Sour Diesel Grow Journal & Smoke report

    Lookin sweet doc! Good to hear you got your problems sorted and it looks like your makin a nice recovery! So did you ever find any more male flowers on the ones that had them before? Was there one that didnt throw any male flowers?!! Its been what 8-9 days...
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    91 Chemdawg (skunkVa cut) ~smoke report

    Entertaining thread.... Real or not, nice report skunk. It looks dank to me and you always do a beautiful job with your buds :) If it does turn out to be fake but is still dank as fuck do you get to claim it and name it and now it becomes your own elite? <--- was sorta meant as a joke, I...
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    Help finding certain strains + Quality - Recommend a place!

    So I'm lookin for a club that gets sort of a consistent and quality supply of meds like OG / Diesel / Chem. Ya the hyped up strains, smoked lots of stuff from diff places and this is what works for me but theres a seems tough to find around ann arbor and half the time its not the...
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    Deadhead (2 different phenos) smoke report

    Nice nugs, are both around the same potency and buzz profile? I've been eyeing these for a while!
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    What's up? from the dirty dirty....

    Welcome! So which dirty are we talkin about here....dirty south or the dirty mitten?
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    New michigan grower in need of clones or seeds.

    Welcome to the farm! I'm from the A2 area as well, I'd recommend hitting the a2mpc meetings (theres one tonight ) and the bacc meetings on the rare occasions that they actually have one, its a good place to meet people and find / trade genetics. Besides getting some beans...
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