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    shroomyshroom is in the house

    Welcome...your name reminds me of another favortie pasttime of mine.....hmmmm
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    Leaves drooping,what's the trouble ?

    Way too hot get some fans in your chamber to vent out heat.
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    Kansasgrown's healing entertainment

    Starting out with the 18 Oz cups half filled with soil and I will bring up the level when the plants start to grow, later I will transplant them to their final 5 gallon homes.
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    Kansasgrown's healing entertainment

    While waiting for my ankle to mend and being able to fly out to see my real garden I thought I would entertain myself and maybe a few others with three grows. Double Purple Doja x Black Russian F3 (seed run); Critical Mass Feminized; & OG Bubba Kush (seed run) Starting this one out from day 1...
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    They currently will not give you better results than using MH and HPS. I like them for keeping my moms in veg, but not for anything else.
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    Purple Rhino

    It looks like the real deal to me...enjoy! There are 2 pheneos that I run into, the one you have which has fatter leaves and the other pheno which has mutant like leaf structure, both are good producers. I have both phenos right now (F-7) in a seed run as nobody seems to carry these, should be...
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    Do i take all my clones at once?

    I have done it both ways. Unless you have a monster mother that has over 100 potential clones...I would take them all at once.
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    HPS Vs MH for flowering?

    I have flowered under both and definitely prefer HPS. Not too sure if it is the spectrum or if it is the lumens as the HPS has approximately twice the lumens of the MH.
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    brewing alcohol for c02?

    Unfortunately you would probably need to run at least 4-8 5 gallon batches of beer continuously for you to get any appreciable amount of CO2 for that size of a grown tent. 20-40 gallons of beer every 2 weeks.....seems like a party to me!
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    Perpetual Harvest??

    The only way to have a perpetual harvest in one cabinet is to either grow auto strains or to divide the cabinet in 2 one for veg and one for flower.
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    whats in your freezer

    I think someone is can't find him either.
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    Hello from Northeast Florida!!

    Howdy from the deep northeasterner.
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    Miracle grow soil good?

    If you are doing straight soil bags then you would need 9 bags per hole (each bag is 3 cubic feet and you need to fill 27 cubic feet). 45 bags in total if you are doing 5 holes with this dimension.
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    Rats, natures biggest douche bags.

    Yup, unfortunately my dog never really ate the rats. He would chew them and play with their carcasses but he paid the price anyway.
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    cloning a flowering female

    Same process as otherwise. Just expect a little funky growth at the onset (single leaves).
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    CF light bulbs are dangerous when broken CFL

    Incandescent bulbs do not have mercury but all CFL's have Mercury. GE and Sylvania will stop production of incandescent bulbs by 2010 and will be working on LED and OLED lights instead as well as CFL's. I find it funny that the USA is going to be requiring us all to use the CFL's and not...
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    Rats, natures biggest douche bags.

    Last time I had a rat infestation....I went to WAR!! Only thing I will never use again is rat poison. I had a dog that was great at killing rats but apparently he got one that my neighbor had poisoned...and that was it for him. A whole arsernal is available to take out your enemies....the old...
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    POLL : Hash vs. Keif vs. Oil

    I always have favored oil over anything else...much easier to regulate in my system....not that I ever do....but I'd never turn down some good hash or kief....especially some Haze kief.......Mr. Haze!
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    Monster tower grow!

    I know of quite a few people that have done much larger grows than doing it legally?????? Closer to 2.04g/w up to 3.17g/w. Never tried it with the real big producers...but if I were running after da money...would be worth a try.
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    Monster tower grow!

    Monster Tower Grow 1200 watt over 5 pounds!:harvest: Shattered my ankle! I will not be able to fly out to take pics of the actual units for at least a month....but…..while in recovery mode I guess I will share one of my favorite growing styles, my “Monster Tower Grow”. I have made a few of...
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