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  1. Anthem

    Is it really important to flush before harvest?

    Hey @Aqua Man I had a question for you on this matter
  2. Anthem

    Moving Carbon Filter from Inside to Outside Tent

    It does not work the same if you push air thru it, they are designed for the air to be sucked thru the filter. Try running 2 ducts from the AC into the tent to keep the tent cool. You can run some experiments to get an idea of how close you are to the temps you want inside the tent by lowering...
  3. Anthem

    Another kick at the can.

    That sure looks like they could use some additional Calcium and Magnesium, FWIW
  4. Anthem

    Mimed’s Perpetual Thread

    Kanzeon, Take a look at this from his post above, he just goes to far over the line and if you read his whole post he knows he can push things because of the posts and likes he has. Enough is enough, he wants to disrespect everyone on the site, well he can have some back. And finally I call out...
  5. Anthem

    Mimed’s Perpetual Thread

    MiMed, It is really not hard to figure out the person you called out for wet weed above, but you did that on purpose. Did it make you feel better? It is really a sad case of jealousy on your part. Just because the guy is out growing you, there is no need to try an bash him. In fact it only...
  6. Anthem

    Can you foliar feed cal mag?

    You can foliar Cal Mag, just rinse off the residue the next day. If you have Cal Mag issues Foliar will get to the effected tissue the quickest. Just make sure to do it just after lights go off.
  7. Anthem

    Build my big setup - all help welcome!

    Remember this guy is a fisherman and they well like to tell fishing stories. In all honest Aquaman is right, but the fact remains the cost for said fixtures is much more than the knock offs. Do not go with the Gavita's IMO. I own the 1700e and the 1650e, both are excellent lights, but Gavita...
  8. Anthem

    Solving Humidity Problems In a Small Space?

    Or how about doing a little DIY and installing a drain in the plastic tank a pipe thread to a barbed fitting with some good sealant would do the trick, little to no pressure on the fitting just gravity feed to a drain or a larger rez.
  9. Anthem

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    I just got to love this thread and the path it has taken. I now have a better understanding of some of the weights people claim to pull. Wet weight, cure for 5 days and weigh before trim, it goes on. For the guys weight stuff any other way than final trimmed, fully cured weight welcome to the...
  10. Anthem

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    That Trim job would not fly in Cali if you want top dollar
  11. Anthem

    PWM on clones, Will i ever be able to eradicate it?

    If the PM grows into the plant, it will continue to come back. Once it gets into the plant it will not go away. looks like Kanzeon is well aware
  12. Anthem

    Dirtbags Hydroponics Thread.

    Dirtbag, this is the list of PGR's I found that Cali Tests for from my research. 6-Benzylaminopurine Chlormequat Chloride Prohexadione Uniconazole
  13. Anthem

    Dirtbags Hydroponics Thread.

    Yes Paclobutrazol is tested I want to say Cali tests for like 3 or 4 PGR's. I finally found the list and Tria is not on the list. It is just the BS you get listen to others that are not educated on the matter. I have learned my lesson about taking someone's word for it. A couple months back you...
  14. Anthem

    Ethos Seeds "Candy Store" under 2 Gavita Pro 1700e LED's

    Sshz, this kind of applies to your shock about doctors not telling people about the filters. I was at the vet one time with a sick dog and the vet flat out told me, pure breads keep him in business. So I believe while as messed up as it may be. The doctors are perfectly aware of the benefits of...
  15. Anthem

    Custom net cup (fourth fifth)

    I guess the couple bucks for the hydroton is just not have big of a deal to me. I will just stick the basics for now. What is the cost per unit of these?
  16. Anthem

    Oxygen Pot Systems Help, Green Tree Hydroponics 6 Site Recirculating System

    TBH the height to mount the plants in the smaller bucket and the ticks on the timer are all covered in the instructions that come with the greentree system. If you have lost the instructions you can find them online under the Greentree hydroponic website. Everything is covered in the instructions.
  17. Anthem

    Jacks vs GH vs Athena

    I am running the Athena Proline, which is what I would assume you are talking about when you say Athena. It is made by Grow More and they have a pretty extensive line and I am aware they make products for other nutrient companies. If you want to get into specific NPK's go to their website, they...
  18. Anthem

    How to wire electrical? 220V

    Line in of 3 wires, have you used the Titan before?
  19. Anthem

    How to wire electrical? 220V

    The cord you have in the picture has 4 conductors which gives you 2 hot legs, 1 neutral and 1 ground. That is what is needed to run the power between the 2 locations at 220 Volts. I am not sure if the plug in the sub panel is for plugging in power or for pulling power out of the subpanel. You...
  20. Anthem

    How to wire electrical? 220V

    Photo 1 is the cord and socket, photo 2 is the panel. If the cord with the socket already installed is the socket you are plugging into the RV or whatever, you will need a pull to match one of the 2 on the subpanel from the looks of things. If you really have no idea about the electrical...
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