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    $ per kwh, what are you paying

    i pay a flat rate year round. I run 2800 watts and pay about 350 every month.
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    I'm loving your ladies hb. I got to get me some of that querkle.
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    Leaves drooping,what's the trouble ?

    I've got an ak 47 thats doing the same thing. I have the temp at about 80. I can't seem to get it lower than that. I use fox farm nutes. and i only use half the recomended dose. So I'll be watching your post. Good luck with it.
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    Back in action

    oooooohhhhhh wwweeeeeee I am awaiting the arrival of the pk crosses. Seeing as I'm looking for a purple, and a kush for my garden. A couple of your crosses are just what I'm looking for.
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    New on the scene

    thanks Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope you're right about the best seeds ever. I' definetly let you guys know what I think.:damnhippie:
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    loosing all fan leaves,30 days in bud

    I would like to see a few pics, I've seen a lot of problems, and worked through them. Maybe I could help.
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    anyone ever grown soiless with vermiculite

    I agree with guano. It's works well to mix it 50/50 with perlite. Verm is good for holding water, perlite is great for the oxygen.:anim_52:
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    Hi To All From UK grower

    welcome welcome. Hope to see you around.
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    New on the scene

    I just wanna say hi. Just trying to get these posts in so in can use thcbay. I've been around a couple years. I don't come on the forums much, because I'm a little distrustful of computers. I'd like to find some good genetics. I have ak, ww, sour deisel, and g-13. I want something purple, but I...
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    Student Arrested After Smoking Joint During Pro-Pot Essay At School

    I like the kids style.
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