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  1. Dammanfu

    DIY Top Drip Coco Pots

    Hello Roxy I don't know if anyone has said this yet but I'm thinking you need more pitch on your tables . It looks like you only have about 1/4 inch/6mm difference in hight from back to front , if you go to 19 or 20 mm i think that would give you the pitch you need to stop water from running...
  2. Dammanfu


    I don't see any pics
  3. Dammanfu

    Deadhead (2 different phenos) smoke report

    What was the yeild ,flower height and time please
  4. Dammanfu

    Alien OG

    Hopefully I can get in on some of these when I get my post count up
  5. Dammanfu

    some finished alien og

    nice looking nugs
  6. Dammanfu

    Deadhead....Smilie Face :)

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