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  1. Big Buddy

    Harmony Og Pheno

    Very impressed with this plant reef, have a feeling shes a keeper.
  2. Big Buddy

    Super Silver Haze

    I tend to type this a lot these days so ill answer this question this way. And yes, mr nice if you want ssh, i wont grow anyone elses. Mango haze(sister strain of ssh) 2 phenos. Damn thing wont let me upload some of the pics, but this should be ok.
  3. Big Buddy

    Help Me Rename Jiahdi Kush !

    War torn kush
  4. Big Buddy

    Yeti F3

    Sorry to hear about the loss man, happened to me a while back too, just really back on track now. Not sure how the bx2 would compare, im going to be running the headband soon so should be able to seeb whats what soon. A quick update, and i promise i will get pics tonight. Theyre almost 3 weeks...
  5. Big Buddy

    Growin With Bb

    Thanks bud, been workin hard this run. Think theres so real winners in this batch. Thanks man, ya thats one of those ones you just know is very special, the smell is great. Cant wait to see what this does with a few fellas.
  6. Big Buddy

    (lemon Larry Lavender X Grape Romulan), (gg4 X Fantasy Island), (katsu X Yeti), (ortega)

    Little fellas got that plant looking down right purdy. Gonna have to poke through these seeds i guess.
  7. Big Buddy

    Sour Diesel Kush

    Nice, ya the g13 x larry is one ill be grabbing in the near future.
  8. Big Buddy

    Sour Diesel Kush

    Almost, i have to clone the 3 very sativas and run the cuts instead when the long hazes are done, otherwise they'll bust through the upstairs floor. So 3 are gonna be a little delayed, but not too long. They are very nevils like indeed man, actually have mango haze in the flower room right now...
  9. Big Buddy

    Grape Og

    Hope alls ok with him.
  10. Big Buddy

    Grape Og

    Hey guyss, anyone heard from roc lately? No one ive talked to hve heard from him, always concerned when a buddy goes dark so to speak.
  11. Big Buddy

    Sour Diesel Kush

    Bit late, but here ya go. So theres no doubt its the sssdh cross version, in fact i have to clone 3 off and use them in the second half of the room as they'll be way to big if i keep going with these. A couple will make it in with the first half that go. Don't know if that makes sense to anyone...
  12. Big Buddy

    Reeferman Pink Kush....tlo

    Any pics of the sour pink kush @Reeferman? Debating what to plant next and thats high on the list.
  13. Big Buddy

    Shark Shock

    Yup, shark is white widow x skunk 1. Shantis mentioned they're the same thing aa few times now actually
  14. Big Buddy

    Shark Shock

    And last thing ill type here, everything from mr nice is the original work from gh, shanti took his parent tock when he left in 98, white wid is black wid, el nino is la nina, red devil is devil and so on. Heres an afghan haze and a mango haze im running as well. Get yourself some mr nice gear...
  15. Big Buddy

    Shark Shock

    Also 0 herms, good yield, these are at 51 days.
  16. Big Buddy

    Shark Shock

    Yup, shark skock is the real great white shark, it was also known as peacemaker, same strain. Stay away from gh, theres are knock offs of shanti. Heres some shots, smells of tropical fruit, starburst, and hairspray.
  17. Big Buddy

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Afghan haze
  18. Big Buddy

    Some Mr Nice For Your Entertainment.

    And the last
  19. Big Buddy

    Some Mr Nice For Your Entertainment.

    And the rest
  20. Big Buddy

    Some Mr Nice For Your Entertainment.

    Just a mix of shark shock, mango haze, and afghan haze. Ya just dont get find smells like this from anyone else, not me, mr nice of course.
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