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    Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

    its about time someone found those evil bastards guilty. thanks for posting the link.
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    One nute for veg and one for flower?

    forgot to mention that medi1 is one bottle for both veg and bloom just have to change volumes of nutes which is listed on back. def a one bottle show haha however green planet also has a stimulator called massive which is awesome as well and their finisher isnt bad either., but medi 1 is great...
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    One nute for veg and one for flower?

    try medi- 1 from green planet wholesale one part all organic this shit is so easy. hope that helps
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    How many items on this list are in your kitchen?

    thanks for the list brother very useful and needed info here. those bastards are a sick twisted company destined to ruin and rule the world. keep spresding the info bro people need to know this shit. hey you wouldnt have a list of what nutrients,pesticide and seed companies they own, that would...
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    California Cannetics Grow Journal Sonoma Black Dawg

    the girls are looking good hope the sbd works out for you did a rin of her last yr and its was some straight fire. ive also run the southern delights,dawg goo,southern comfort and about to germ the santa monicaxiii west la fadeaway and socal orig diesel. see how they turn out. hope your socal...
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    In memory of DD: How to build an MPB revisited.

    thats awesome bro thanks for the info. any tips for running this system organically.
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    In memory of DD: How to build an MPB revisited.

    hey cap, liking this thread already bro def pulling up a seat. hows does this system yield and with what veg times? also is this system good for organics?
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    Able to spray with lights on!

    just started my trial of the optic 3 part foiliar. was gifted a test set to trial and i must say def works well and no burn. i was a skeptic about spraying with lights on but def no burn, good product and ladies seem to be happy and loving life. so salmomslammer try the 3 part you"ll enjoy. peace
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    How do you get you're MMAR livense increased.

    hey whats happenen? you"ll have to go to the doc and have redo either form b1 or b2 depends on the case and from there send in all according forms as basically awhole new permit. pin in the ass but well worth,but in the end all depends on the doc to increase. hope that helps
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    Rockstar In The House!!!

    whats up brotehr? hope you feel better soon!! your def killin the rockies this round!! ya man i aprreciate it i hate being sick haha. who knows still trying to find info on it and many others from the mountain hippie collection. nope the p urkle x super lemon are from another cat out west but...
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    Snow Leopard, Goji OG and many more from bodhi genetics (catdaddy's way)

    hey whats hppenen bro? sorry to hear about the power and living condition issues right now. things will get better,but def hate when powers off for so long. all my best bro and hope everything come together for you. this damn storm was def a crazy beast,felt it all the way up north here. well...
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    Rockstar In The House!!!

    what up bro.them rockstars are just starting to ooze awesome work bro gonna be lots of fire blazin very soon. and yep only have this half screen going aswell. oh started some of those fuzzy cuz 4th gens and some others. anyways holla my dude.peace
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    Rockstar In The House!!!

    whats happenen bro? ldies are getting chunky,bet they stink and are sticy as hell. glad nothing broke on them girls during your incident. anyways lets link up soon been a good min. peace
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    Rockstar In The House!!!

    them rockstars are looking sick bro! starting to put on the crystal and looking dank. cant wait to blaze. ya man just had the goji and jabba arrive as well as 4 frebies from thseeds(lambo,sage,mk ultra and heavy duty fruity) and one freebie from dna genetics(la con) but def stoked for the bodhi...
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    My First real Outdoor Run!!!

    nice looking pile of meds brother.glad everything worked out for you this season. and that little tester you left is all blazed and very tasty nice work.
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    My First real Outdoor Run!!!

    looks awesome bro good job!!!!! cant wait to do a taste test haha.
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    I'm Myles from Cali Gold Genetics, New here to the farm, just saying whats happenin'

    whats happenen welcome to the farm. i believe we met two years ago at ty expo. anyways hows things and let me say been trying to grab some of your gear since then. anyways hope all is well
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    Cracking Some Beans!!

    whats up homie? your ladies are looking sick bro,gonna be some fire,no doubt! good job homie. and good luck with the socal gear,ive got the southern d'lights rocking now,and will prob rockout a few more strains any day.anyways again looks sick. hit me up when you have a min. peace
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    OGRaskal picture fest!

    damn bro your line up of ladies is stellar,they all look like pure fire!!! truly sick! i think im going to have to get some raskal gear in my life.haha again your ladies look like they were given some serious love,very nice work bro keep it up. peace
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    Report Explains Why Plant Clones Aren’t Identical

    well def seem s very interesting. i'll have to look into . nice thread bro,peace
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