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    No Medical Marijuana Shops Officially Licensed??

    8.3M in fees to put numerous people to work as a state employee, and have to do nothing. Sounds about right. pp69
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    Interesting Point For Marijuana Legalization

    Government will never be for Legalization. It will take away to many jobs. Police officers, judges, attorneys, parole officers, prison staff and rehab staff. In Colorado here there was a county up north of Denver that the Sheriff commented that 40% of his budget was taken up my marijuana...
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    Tim Tipton: The CO MMJ scam

    Last I heard POS #1 ie: Tipton was living in Peyton, run out of Denver and burbs. I'd also like to have a few words with him. Long story short, I've know of this douche bag since 2/05. pp69
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    what to mont raw 1kw ballasts to?

    Plywood and then a layer of sheetrock .
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    Good Places to get Clones in CO?

    Amendment does allow for sales. Hell the word sales is in the amendment. That being said, I've gotten some from this guy and they were very good. Has a site up. Scary part of town but been there twice with no problems. HTH pp69
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    Using a realtor to find a carigiver location

    I'm not 100% positive at this moment but if I read the law correctly, you don't need a commercial space for under 5 patients. If your over 5 patients with an exceptional circumstance from the CDPHE then you will but they haven't voted on those rules yet. If I'm off base on this someone will be...
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    Lucas Formula

    Sorry can't help with your question but 1 thing I noticed you wrote. The 0-5-10 is for flours ot for veg. If your using MH or HPS you use 0-8-16 throughout the veg and flower cycles. If your using flours then you use the 0-5-10. A lot of people didn't understand that for a long time but Lucas...
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    Haven't ordered directly from them so this is just general info that is pretty standard. You'll order by pounds for most of the ingredients. There may be a few that are in smaller quantities. For a small order (less then couple hundred lbs.) they will send salts separate and you'll mix...
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    Very popular with patients that I know. Granny’s Cannabis Salve 30 grams of ground Cannabis 55 grams Shea Oil 55 grams Cyclomethicone 45 grams White Cocoa Butter 45 grams Beeswax 35 grams Coffee Butter 30 grams Lanolin 15 grams Mango Butter ½ oz. Fragrance...
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    Colorado's HB11-1261 DUID Per Se Law THC

    I think Colorado law is if you refuse a roadside test they can and will take to hospital to get blood drawn. I ait havig a cop draw blood. The oly way is if he is returning fire and hits me before I hit him. Cops aren't certified medical anything. Don't touch me. pp69
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    Making butter after making bubble hash?

    Yes you can still make butter. It will be more sedative as the tris have bee removed during hashing. HTH pp69
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    reservoir change

    This is how I would do it. Fill res with water and nutes, phed of course. Then keep track of how much you addback into res. You want to change res when you have added back the same amount that you started with. ie: in a 50 gal res, when you have added 50 more gals, then it's time to chage res...
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    Bud Density VS. Temperature

    I would say, 78F-82F max.
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    Scorpion Juice knockoff You have to email to get the price. I did and it took them about a day to get back to me. IIRC it was about 80.00 for a kilo. HTH pp69
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    Scorpion Juice knockoff

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    Scorpion Juice knockoff

    Nice post, Thank you. Question, still use 20 ml per gallon? Also what is recommended period when to spray and when do you stop using? Thanks again, pp69
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    (Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide

    I tried the cal nit with mg sul, and when mixed I got chalk. I believe it's the sul and the cal that can't be mixed together in to high of a concentrate. So I found Mg nit and used it instead of the epsom. Here's my mix. Take it for what it's worth. Cal/Mag Need about 165 ppm of...
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    HB 1250: Edible Cannabis Medicines to Be Outlawed in Colorado

    Fuck them all. I abide by A20, plain and simple. I make lotion and edibles for patients and if I have to do it from jail I'll use the city or state kitchen to do it. These bastards are sick.
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    Bring out taste

    Good friend swears that it's not the guanos as most books claim, but he believes through testing that it is seaweed/kelp that enhances flavor. He grows organic and it is off the hook flavorful.
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    Tim Tipton: The CO MMJ scam

    He did have that disc floating around for a while. There was a guy at cabana that told his story about getting a copy. Also reports of TT going out of state and had lbs donated to give to patients. Sold for his own pocket. A former patient of mine had TT as a cg for awhile, the stories of...
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