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    Adhd . . .

    Whats up farmers. thought i would givemytwo cents on the subject. I was diagnosedwith ADHD in 2ndgrade. From age 7-16 I was prescribed Ritalin. I remember the first few years I had no appetite, no sense of joy, excitment, happiness- were non exsistent. I felt like a zombie. After a few...
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    hi, I'm new to thc farmer.

    Whats up brother... looking good homie!
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    Damn! what a resin factory!! great pics bro!
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    Sour Jack

    Damn bro! beautiful work... which pheno are you leaning toward being the keeper? id like to see some cured shots of this one..and a proper smoke report. well keep up the good work bro.
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    The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

    Sounds sick homie!
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    :lipssealed LAME...auctions..... maybe next time. Was really looking forward to that Kryptonite too
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    The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

    Dr dre kush..Great song but the Collie Buddz remix takes it to a whole other level man check it out if you haven't heard it..definatly better than the original IMHO
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    Medical Pot Patient Robbed, Beaten; Cops Take Plants While He's Dying

    But then again it is Orting... rural ass power hungry i still think its 1950 pigs!!!! sorry for the rant. this type of shit pisses me off!
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    Medical Pot Patient Robbed, Beaten; Cops Take Plants While He's Dying

    These assholes run free after beating a man to death and those [email protected] raid the house! Protect and serve my ass! Help a man whos dying... nope thats a waste of my time.. instead ill raid his house and get a pat on the back and maybe a chance to give my sargeant a reach around!
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    Better hit the bank this morning:)
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    What's Up Washington

    NatrlHgh just run to any home improvement warehouse and grab some 2x2s and a few 2x4s and make a wood frame that suits your space reqirements.. using some duct tape and/or alum. tape and a staple gun just wrap the frame in black/white panda plastic. make sure the plastic is good and secured...
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    The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

    Another sick vid bro! im suprised you kept your cool with just that look of disbelief.. from my computer in another state i gasped in horror!lol another job well done man.. keep the vids comin.. i look forward to the new ones when i get work to kick my day off..
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    Washingtons Finest

    Good stuff... Do you use your trim to make beautiful things happen in the kitchen? My chef buddies and me can spend hours brainstorming crazy shit to make with ganja butter and oil. We made some marinarajuana sauce to make pizzas with a few weeks ago.. but you know it needed just a little more...
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    Washingtons Finest

    Great pics chef! did you make this cross yourself?
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    What's Up Washington

    WHERES THE BLUE TRINITY AT!!!??? Shit had the thump of the trinity but tastier...mmmmmmmmm... almost started drooling just thinking about it...
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    What's Up Washington

    northernlite5.. even if this was a legal dispensary state...Kidnap county would NOT be the best place for one to pop up... we have a very conservative local government.. They would be all up in your shit before the place even had a chance to open... just my 2cents...
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    Triple Kush testers 40days!

    Those are looking great! Whats the make up??
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    classic breedz hits da farm!

    Welcome bro! From the 360...
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    Rip michelle rainey

    Well said Beezle... R.I.P. michelle...
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    You can bid on grow equipment from copShop!

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