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    pure power plant

    i take it all the answers iam looking for are in my question. no need for any replys. but any info on this strain would be great. peace man.
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    best germination technique for Northern Lights ?

    yea ive had germ issues with NL#s. they can take a good few days to germ even a week. keep them moist and warm 75f :bongsmi: peace.
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    pure power plant

    hi i know dutch passion bred the first "power plant" but who bred the first "pure" power plant. was it nirvana, or some of the dutch commercial growers. someone told me PPP was pure power plant inbred to itself, IBL. is this true. and also who do you think does the best PPP. any info would be...
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    Hi gang its chemdog

    welcome aboard chemdog man. would love too see some original chemdog seeds on the THCbay. that would be special.:hi and i wish all the badmouthing with REZ and crew would stop too that would be great also.:talking
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    Hi from down under!

    welcome aboard the starship, hope you enjoy travelling time and space with us.:mysterymachine: peace.
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    not something too worry about id say. you must have them in perfect growing conditions. lots of good fresh air circulating speeds up the ripening process i reckon. :stonedsmilie: peace.:rauch08:
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    Looking for weight, can't decide..

    why not try the new strain from dutch passion. its called the ultimate. huge yields with great potency. do a grow and smoke report for us when your at it.:cash:stonedsmilie:
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    MH or HPS for stretch

    yea man their more likely too stretch under a HPS than a MH.
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    Pink Pheno

    i think its the original FLO pink pheno, but iv'e seen phenos that are almost pure pink. :damnhippie: so theres even better pink phenos than that.:smiley_joint: peace.
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    Cuts on OG Kush Leaves

    somethings been munching on your plant man. peace.
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    juicy fruit Vs bubblegum

    poll its a dead heat in the poll folks. 50/50 cant split um. keep the info on all the strains mentioned so far coming as it'l help on future grows. but next grow il have to grow bubblegum now after this poll, then sensi's strain too cause i know it will be good. thanks for all the...
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    juicy fruit Vs bubblegum

    which pheno is that. :D
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    juicy fruit Vs bubblegum

    the indiana bubblegum and the highland thai stranis. but any info on all of the strains that have been mentioned would be nice.
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    Any info on Afghan Widow?

    white rhino aka white rhino, afghan widow is white rhino.:smiley_joint: white widow crossed with afghan. or can be called medicine man. its my next grow or i hope it is.:damnhippie: peace.
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    juicy fruit Vs bubblegum

    looks like bubblegums gonna win hands down.:afroweed: iv'e not grown bubblegum yet so its bubbs for next grow. i have grown juicy fruit and i thought the indica pheno was out of this world a great smoke.:rasta: we'll see how the poll go's for a while and see what comments we get for juicy...
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    juicy fruit Vs bubblegum

    which strain would you grow, if you could only grow one . juicy fruit or bubblegum.:smiley_joint:
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    the original juicy fruit

    yea i heard that too. the sensi seed fruity juice will be good. but i thought the original was "juicy fruit" bcseedking do a JF but not sure if its original genetics . peace.:damnhippie:
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    the original juicy fruit

    who sells the original juicy fruit or the closest too it.:damnhippie: seeds that is. a question iv'e been meaning too ask for a while.:whew
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    Seedbank warning!!!!

    yea maybe iam a bit demanding. but i would'nt like too wait 10/12 days on 300 euros of seeds. from any seedbank. thats why iam growing nirvana and seedsman strains at the mo. and i remember it was rhinos sister site i got the pipe from not rhinoseeds. and yea i would like it...
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    Seedbank warning!!!!

    i bought a pipe from and it came alright but was a few days slow in coming. i ordered it mon/tues expected it by the weekend for a good toke.:sign0065: as most seedbanks in europe are fast these days. but i never received it till thursday the following week. so iam also a...
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