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    Motarebel Genetics is back..........

    Hey mota i couldnt help but wonder if we would see a return of blowfish, moondawg, or your G13BX anytime soon?
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    New dank from sannie dropping tomorrow

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    seems like someone likes devin the dude.;)
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    Looks like fire to me. I think you may be the first with pics on the strawberry bubba. NICE!!
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    Which online grow shop do you prefer?

    Perhaps you could try BGH using their price match system and see if the shipping works out better for you bro......that is if they have the same item you were looking to buy.
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    Which online grow shop do you prefer?

    I like BGH because of their online price match. Anyone know of any others with an online price match?
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    ..........Question about strains?.............

    Yeah I saw that information on another website about the grapefruit also and thats what raised my question. It says an F1 cross to grapefruit so would that be F1's using GF crossed back to GF making a BX or did he use some other F1's that were crossed to GF, now being called GF? Excuse my...
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    highland mex. x blueberry

    how long should these go for?
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    Which online grow shop do you prefer?

    Just wanted to hear about peoples experiences with online grow shops. Which ones do you prefer and which should be avoided.
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    Mendo Purps

    lookin good myso.... r u gonna do a smoke report?
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    ..........Question about strains?.............

    didnt want to bombard you w/ too many questions at once but there was a bazooka joe release not to long ago at the farm but very little information is known (or at least was given) about you bazooka. what went into the cross and what can be expected. thanks. ~420
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    whats the best pre-paid phone carrier?

    although not available
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    ..........Question about strains?.............

    Now that you're back reef, perhaps you can give some information on your grapefruit and purps. are they outcrosses or bX's? any information in addition to my quest. about these strains is appreciated also. ~420
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    Mazar-i-Sharif, any pics out there?

    so are you saying that dna, soma and the boutique have quality MIS or just a bunch of collected seeds from afghan w/ out having truely bred these strains?
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    Strawberry Bubba and White x Bubba

    Nice plants so far Tex. Very interested to see how the strawberry bubba turns out.
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    Raskal og?

    No i dont believe it was that many, more like 50 or so. There were about 150 cali connect listings all together.
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    Grow Books

    I agree
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