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  1. Caress of Steel

    Dinafem? Reputable Seed Bank?

    I grew their Blue Cheese and it was pretty good. Gifted clone from a friend who bought seeds. Wish I had run her a second time. That being said, I've not run anything else from them. I've set my sights on Bodhi and his wares.
  2. Caress of Steel

    Stardawg & Onycd

    Tnelz, amazing photos. These strains are 1 and 2 on my to do list, yet I don't hold out much hope for acquiring any. Anyway, I've now got to get a towel and clean the drool off my keyboard. No matter how hard I try I cannot remove the buds from my screen. Dammit.
  3. Caress of Steel

    I Am Brand New To Indoor Growing W/soil, Any Suggestions?

    Buy the best quality gear you can afford. Never stop learning!
  4. Caress of Steel

    Stuart Scott...

    RIP Stuart Scott.
  5. Caress of Steel

    The #1 Absolute Best Growing Tip

    #1 rule/tip for growing used to be, tell no one. Times have changed for some but not all.
  6. Caress of Steel

    stardawg #4 and #5

    Damn nice plants bro'! Really need some TopDawg in my tents!!! Keep us posted, I'll be checkin back for sure! Good luck!!!
  7. Caress of Steel

    new grow

    Pro mix is cheap enough! I'll NEVER use that CRAP MG stuff(again)! Cooked a batch of clones with it. Never again!!!!!! Looks over watered as well. Good luck bro'!!
  8. Caress of Steel

    Germination Question

    Don't give up, yet!! Have heard reports of freebies from Sam going 21 days before sprouting!!!
  9. Caress of Steel

    Hi help needed please

    Damn, check the bottom of that page, there is a pic of marijuana trichs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Growers are EVERYWHERE!!!
  10. Caress of Steel

    Hi help needed please

    Check your trichs with a scope! That will tell you for sure! So cheap, it's foolish not to have one!!!!! I used this one for years.
  11. Caress of Steel

    hermie? not quite sure yet...

    Without pics, almost impossible to tell. Any males, around? See any open pollen sacs on your plants?
  12. Caress of Steel

    Grow Medium

    As a first timer, IMO, you'd be better off picking up a bale of pro-mix and some extra perlite. Easy peasy. Keep it simple, as you gain knowledge, then you can experiment with mixing your own soil. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Caress of Steel

    Stardawg Guava wins 1st place Sativa Denver Cup

    Glad to hear your health is better JJ. Peace and good karma to you, and yours.
  14. Caress of Steel 83 to hott!!!

    High temps can/will cause, stretched out fluffy flowers. I wouldn't harvest early, use a hand held scope and check those trichs to determine when to harvest.
  15. Caress of Steel

    timers/light controllers

    Interesting stuff here,
  16. Caress of Steel

    20th day flower n my leaves are getting spots

    Geesh, that pic looks pretty good to me! Tips are just slightly burnt , yes. Nothing major tho'.
  17. Caress of Steel

    Good day today!

    NICCEEEEE!!!!!! :banana1sv6:
  18. Caress of Steel

    Seeds to look for breeding male

    I'll second Tom Hill! Deep Chunk is great breeding stock!
  19. Caress of Steel

    who is the best breeder

    The best, tough to say. True breeders in my book, Sam, Shanti, Neville, Simon, Haze Bros, DJ, Bros. Grimm. Without these guys, most of what we do, doesn't happen!
  20. Caress of Steel

    need advice

    Do lots of reading, here. Learn, and then learn some more. Best to know the basics before you start. Learning "On the fly" can be a recipe for disaster.
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