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    Kritical Mass

    :harvest: Gettin Close and looking Great!
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    Morphing Plants

    Well I Chopped them down! Thanks for all the Imput Guys! The determining factor is I run a sealed room, and I do not want to battle male spore in my room! On with the next crop! Thanks again
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    Morphing Plants

    Ok So Crap My Buds Appear to be morphing out on me. I've got what appears to be male flowers popping out under my buds! The strain is Alaskan thunder fuck. Plants are 3 weeks into flower! It looks to be strain specific as I am growing 3 other strains in the same room! There has been no light...
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    New Black Pro Series Under Currents.

    You are definitely a class act! Haven't laughed that hard in awhile! This System looks Like! Well lets just say sportin wood!
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    I'm with shady on this one truly amazing!
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    Motherlode's first UC run with White Fire #3 - come on in, the waters fine!

    Sorry Bro I Knew I should'nt have drooled on them in the beginning!! That's probably why the yield is off lol! Seriously though they do look dank! Nice Looking :weed-sign:
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    star trek's final voyage

    I'll Sub in if you dont mind! Looks like a good show! Cant wait to see make sofa regret it lol!
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    doubleds 10 lb plant/room test.

    I'm subbed for this show! Here to your North I've never even seen an outdoor 10 lb Plant let alone an Indoor! Lol I'm lucky to get 1/2lb Plants! :anim_30:Cant wait to see this!
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    Kritical Mass

    Looking Good Kritical! Your rockin it now!
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    UC foaming over??

    Soap Idea was a little funny though! Did the foam receed? I to always learn the hard way! Guess it goes with what we grow lol!
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    Undercurrent Evo 12XL ... 4500Watts ... Here we go!

    Nice lookin 3d pics! Should be fun to run !
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    Ok so ive died and gone to heaven! Sweet lookin spread!:sign0005:
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    It's Alive! Blackberry OG Round 1 - MPB Style

    Ill Be Lookin forward to your next round !
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    Shady Business… In the Cuts: Under Current

    Looking real Nice!
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    I put most of the UC together today.

    We Need Pic's Man Lol:confused0059:
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    Nutrient Schedules for the Under Current System

    Come on guys give them up Lol! BG looks like that Tri flex is workin for you good from your thread! What made you switch from DM?
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    Draining the UC system

    Might Need to prime the pump depending on where its at?
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    1st UC grow using Super Natural and others

    Nice Bro!:cool0010: You could lower it a bit more 5.8 is the target! Take the res to 5.4 or 5.5! but 6.3 is respectable!
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    Kritical Mass

    Lol Beat them bitches up man!
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    BudGoggles perpetual UCs grow show

    Wowzer Those frosty little hookers are looking amazing your killin it!:sign0005:
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