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  1. darkslash54

    Chinese LED grow light

    i thought i seen that. I was browsing today and shipping for a 480w light was 120
  2. darkslash54

    Chinese LED grow light

    that pretty cool you were able to find a light off ebay.
  3. darkslash54

    Kim's Beginner Diary

    i need to invest in a ph meter
  4. darkslash54

    Anyone know what these marks are?.

    variegated is kinda like albino in a plant. idk how to properly explain it and if it is in just 1 plant that might be what it is instead of an actual deficiency
  5. darkslash54

    Chinese LED grow light

    good thing i got my stimulus! time for an upgrade
  6. darkslash54

    Root Aphid Annhiliation (pics)

    what great and helpful pics. I'm always worried about battling pests indoors
  7. darkslash54

    When To Uvb

    i thought of using reptile uv bulbs before for supplemental lighting
  8. darkslash54

    HLG QB + ? 4x4 tent

    that amount of light seems like enough. are you planning on running co2?
  9. darkslash54

    Save flowering plant

    looks like coco. also not sure about that bud structure kind of looks like its pretty stressed and airy,
  10. darkslash54

    City Owned Trail Camera!

    do you look into the lense? maybe its just something to watch wildlife, but can never be too cautious
  11. darkslash54

    What kind of bug is this? Help?

    looks like an aphid or fungus gnat
  12. darkslash54

    Unknown High Grade Strain

    i've grown out some extremely good bag seeds. some even from schwag. pretty amazing what you can do with a bean
  13. darkslash54

    Struggling Seedlings

    i would try to keep the humidity up from my initial glance of those pics.
  14. darkslash54

    Anyone know what these marks are?.

    variegated perhaps?
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