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    Smokin Tree's Cali Connect girls - pre98 bubba and CVK

    Loving that bubba Good job dude your harvest looks great especially that bubba thats one of my all time favorites and looks like you did the name bubba justice. Good job also i heard that for stretching plants you could try and use a HPS for vegging, the red spectrum make the plants stretch...
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    How many strains you got?

    Taking the Cake wow! you took the cake right there buddy with that chem dog. it seems like quality is much better than quantity:cool0019:.
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    Green Giver LED lights

    I stumbled across this company called green giver lights. they specialize in a 3watt discharge led light, instead of the traditional 1watt. Which means a higher and more dense yield. I personally have yet to try this technology any input on the subject. :cool0041:
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    Moonlight and Cannibis

    I have heard that the rays of the moon can play some sort of affect on the growth of plants. If so does any one know what rolls are played and the effects? or if any effects at all and How would i be able to substitute this in an indoor environment?
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    Which Organic Nutrients Do you Like!?!?

    Which organic nutrients do you prefer and why? Im thinking of using Bio Bizz any suggestions. :volcano:
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    Hott Small Spaces but Cool Large Results

    I have a cabinet that is 3ft in length and 2ft in width. I was planning on putting a 250 HPS that is air cooled by a 4inch vortex, will this be sufficient enough to vent and keep my cabinet cool at least 75 degrees? Keep in mind i do live in beautiful southern California:sun2: and its hott out...
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