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    I'm interested in your work and passion (as I share the same), and look forward to your contribution to the mass amounts of info available to us who share the passion. Peace!
  2. 619ster

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Where's the Larry!!! Beautiful pics eerbody
  3. 619ster

    Competition Results Catalogue

    I never get tired of your knowledge and research on spectrums @dogznova great looking bx2! And everybody showing their findings and keepers are all looking quite splendid indeed! Happy Holidays to all!!!
  4. 619ster

    G13/HP x long bottom leaf

    I've had some really tasty herb I had to chop early like that. Funny because I had pretty much the same thing happen. I told my homie to water the plants since I was out of town. Sure enough he didn't! Mine lived on to plump up a bit more but still as ugly as it was, it was Danky and super...
  5. 619ster

    Seed Junkie Seeds

    True HO and HO Walker!!! Yessssssss!!!!:D
  6. 619ster

    The Alien Rock Candy Thread by Alien Genetics

    Funny ass story dude!!! Had me cracking up a bit there lmao! Glad she's to your liking @NotbannedB4 @Mike Hawk you got her looking vicious bro!! Can't wait to hear your verdict on the smoke.
  7. 619ster

    Organicyumyum's House of Yum

    Wow man looks like frosty organic goodness is not too far away! Great work man. Got me wanting to get a taste of that Orange Cookies man I love Orange anything!!! @Mike Hawk you should check this thread out. Maybe you can help the homie OYY.
  8. 619ster

    How light spectrum affects nutrient use in plant tissue...

    Not sure what LED yall are speaking on. But if saying LED in general can't perform as well as hps, I beg to differ.
  9. 619ster

    LEMMON 714 :the Lude and Rude Corner

    Wow such huge nugs lol!! Yes I look forward to kicking it again in the near future. A vacation outside of Cali is long overdue for me! As always, I enjoy your grows and creativity. And you're such a entertaining person that your grows are more than just grows. They're adventures!!! LOL! Funny I...
  10. 619ster

    The Alien Rock Candy Thread by Alien Genetics

    Been dying to see your results @OldLuck looks like those f2 came out just as nice as the F1. Good stuff. @ohthatguy8 she should already be in your parts. If not within your reach/circle, we can arrange to change that.
  11. 619ster

    The Alien Rock Candy Thread by Alien Genetics

    Take her to 70 days if you want that OG fuel to be strong, potency goes up as well. If you're really into the lemon candy flavor then yea you can take her as early as 8 weeks. But just so you know, she hits a major swell during weeks 8 and 9. Looking great!!
  12. 619ster

    Still Grindin

    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting lol!
  13. 619ster

    LEMMON 714 :the Lude and Rude Corner

    Sitting on a 5 pack of SLH myself. Might have to pop em! Great job DAT! Hope the smoke is delicious and potent!
  14. 619ster

    Tazzmanian Gardens- Only The Best

    Nice strain combos. Sounds like fire hybrids on the way!!
  15. 619ster

    Green Dot Labs Classified Forensic Files

    Funny you compare the LA Con hybrid to the Bubba hybrid. I've always considered LA Con a Bubba variety myself. Even though lineage says LA Affie x OG, I've never had any LA Con that leaned towards OG. Can't wait to see what's found in all this gear. I may have to snatched some real soon myself...
  16. 619ster

    Sleep: Why It Matters And 7 Ways To Get More

    Haha I like the last comment in tip number 7, and completely agree. I totally sleep better after good sex lol.
  17. 619ster

    Baskin Robbins by Patanjali - HID's & Soil

    I believe he got banned.
  18. 619ster

    LEMMON 714 :the Lude and Rude Corner

    Looks like the Rat Pack are digging the lemmons! Just caught this DAT. What a journey she's been through lol.
  19. 619ster

    Seed Junkie Seeds

    Here's some pics of my HO bx2 confirmed lady. She will get a few more weeks of veg and will flower. Her fan leaves are reminiscent of the Alien Kush, but overall structure of the plant is OG dominant. Yes I left her in a neglected corner and she got a little mite damage. But pulled her out for a...
  20. 619ster

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Prettiest SFV I've seen yet! Shit looks proper, and done RIGHT!!
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