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    Going from tents to a larger scale grow

    very nice grow urban !! its lookin like you know what your doin over there ! good luck and keep us all posted !and as far as a filter its all about the sunglasses !! nice job T ..... looking real good buddy !!!
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    My first hydro

    planting like what ??? and there are some cheap poder kits that will do the job but dont recommend them !
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    Fox farm or General Organics ?

    advanced nutrients FTW
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    Anything else I should consider with these nutes?

    not sure never used gh
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    My little medical perpetual grow

    you know something funny i have never grown from seed and ive been doing this a long time ( always from clone) but i just picked up some la conf. and i had to start from seed and im a little skeptical on the hole female thing i hope it works
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    Check my meter out i bought (opinions)

    i have a multi but i op for the truncheon meter from blue lab , that thing is the shit
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    Water temp a little high ????

    thanks guys for all the advice... well before this it was in a different house but it was a full 70 gal before and my veg is smaller so im only running it at 30 gal right now. and as far as the pump i am running an eco but that was agreat idea to check and see if it is running hotter than...
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    Water temp a little high ????

    water bottles is a good idea! thanks fred
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    Water temp a little high ????

    hey all i just set up a new operation and my res in the veg room is on concrete and my room temp is at 80 . the problem im having is my res temp is at 74 .any one have any ideas on how to get the temp down a bit to 67 or so ??? ive been doing this for years and never had an issue with it being...
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    good ppm for freshly rooted clones?

    i start at 800 .... no problems
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    hungry plants...replenish the nutes???

    bring it back up to your target ! add a little a and b
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    Pink crystals!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dont think so it looks pretty legit , i think it is a bit bright though so i can see your point .
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    Hollow Branches!! Please Look, Comment!!

    4 week veg , 7 week flower and i can stick a sharpie in my hollow stock hole !
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    need help!!! phosphoload trying the sog method

    anyone else have any input ??
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    Soil sog grower needs mentor to switch to hydro

    i would not line the bottom with coco mat, with sog the cubes will be close enough to make shade for others . coco mat can promote gnat growth ( big time ) i know this from experience !
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    Steppin Up- 4k, 16 plant, DIY recirc buckets, '91 chem

    man i just spent an hour reading this and well worth it !! im rootin for yah brah pull some good numbers on sunday and stay tuned and let us know . but next time drop them lights down to atleast 18" or so and crank up the ppms on your co2, 1100 they arent even feeling that yet more like 16 to...
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    Please help a hydro newb...

    well I run top feed , in 6x6 rockwool . this seems to be the easiest since i dont have to worry about leaks or drips ! i just check my res every day and adjust the ppm and ph and then top feed takes only a minute with 6 plants . and on top of that you can alays adjust your nutes to exactly what...
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    Pink crystals!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol trichs .... same difference
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    Anyone using Turbo Klone?

    honey ?????? fill me in please !!!
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    White Russian - Massive Buds ! 8 weeks 12/12 :)

    looks great . coke bottle size nugs
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