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    Best Book For Breeders?

    The Indoor/Outdoor Grower's Bible.. By Jorge Cervantes.. Great read.. Also Ask Ed.. by Ed Rosenthal..
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    Anyone know the make up of Cali Connection's Alien Express??

    I've got some CC Alien Express going and wanted to know the genetic make up.. I know it's Alien something crossed to Pineapple Express.. Just need to know the make up of PE and what Alien strain was used?? Thx for any help.. M2M
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    Info on black Cross

    There is also "The Black" clone only from FLa, but that is a type of haze.. Killer smoke and yield... M2M
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    Deep Purple ( Sub )

    If you're lookin for a good purp you should try Ace/CannaBioGen's Pakistani Chitral Kush..
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    Flamethrower Og Kush( White Fire x Fire Alien!)

    Nice looking forward to seeing how these turn out...
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    Witch strain did you like best?

    SAD is a great strain.. Very uniform, grows nice tight indy nuggets.. Nice smell, taste, and potency... M2M
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    Afghan Kush?

    Those seeds produced some of my favorite herb.. I ran 2 packs when they first came out.. Unfortunately lost the moms.. Looking forward to some more crosses with Ghani Kush... M2M
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    whats your favorite og raskel strain?

    So far I've run Fire/Afghani K, White/Fire, Straw/Bubba, PurpUrkle/Bubgum, Fire/BMoonshine, Fire/Bubba, White S1's, ECSD/Afghani K, White/Bubba, and I'm sure I'm forgeting something.. I've gotten some amazing phenos out of all the strains.. The standouts were in Fire/Bubba, White/Fire, and...
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    WhiteFire done right

    Figured I'd bump this thread with the upcoming WhiteFire drop.. This is one of the sickest phenos I've seen..
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    Afghan Kush?

    I'll be lookin forward to that.. I had a couple seriously dank phenos of the Fire/AfghaniKush.. Unfortunately lost the mothers but reading this maybe I can find them again..
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    Bluetooth V.2 and Sweetooth13

    I've got some Lemon Larry/Bluetooth that I'm gonna look through soon as room opens up..
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    12 Kushwreck in a 100 gallon smart pot indoor

    Looks like a good start.. Gonna take my seat.. This should get interesting... M2M
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    SFV Reverse And S1 Pollenation

    Good luck with your future projects.. I've got 20 Ghost S1's from a bro tucked away for after my current haze selection going on.. Some SFV S1's would be nice..
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    the preservation project.......

    I will be looking forward to the G13/HP line.. I'm currently running a couple strains that contain the GHash.. Grendel and some BananaOG/GHash... Both lookin killer.. M2M
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    Moonshineman Seeds

    He's not currently producing seed...
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    My Raskal's OG from CC

    I've got a huge 5'ft Raskal OG bush about 3 wks in flower.. I've never run this before so I have no idea what to expect.. It lookin killer already.. Already pumpin out mass trichs at 3 wks... M2M
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    Strongest OG cut?

    I thought the FaceOff OG was the best from 50 S1's from the Ghost cut.. Could be wrong but thought thats what I read.. Heard it melts your face off.. I've got 20 S1's of the Ghost and if thats true, makes me want to pop'em..
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    Upcoming Projects from Green Lantern....

    Are you working on anything with the BlkHz?? Hope so..
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    Different Tahoe OG Pheno's from Cali Con

    Nice job man.. Thanks for sharing the pics to.. Hope you took cuts... M2M
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    Different Tahoe OG Pheno's from Cali Con

    Just dropped some Tahoe OG's that use the f5 father, I think, they're replacements.. I let you know how they come out as they're just in veg.. M2M
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