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  1. spirtwolf

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Granddady Black
  2. spirtwolf

    Is this nutrient toxicity

    Thanks, will take some more photos tonight. Started feeding RO water with only cal-mag added
  3. spirtwolf

    Is this nutrient toxicity

    Granddaddy Purple in 8th week of flower. Have 3 plants together under same light getting same feed. this is only one doing this.
  4. spirtwolf

    Freeze Dried Flowers

    Can you email me info at [email protected]
  5. spirtwolf

    July 2019 Photo Of The Month Contest

    Russian Roulette Auto
  6. spirtwolf


    I have 2 QB I built for my personal grow but am now looking for something with a little better coverage and will have to be certified since it will be used in a commercial grow. Both company's claim to have safety certifications. Where did you find the info on the diode and driver issues and any...
  7. spirtwolf


    I am also looking into buying a new light and am looking at Nalite and Ecospeed. did you order a light and if so what one and what are your thoughts
  8. spirtwolf

    Hlg-550 V2 Clone

    I ordered a led from a company that builds HLG-550 V2 clones and it came with a Mean Well HLG-480h-c2800AB driver instead of the HLG-480h-c2100b that I expected. Does anyone know how this will effect the light.
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