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    putting activated carbon in your BHO tube..

    when u dry it out dont it just break to dust and small particles inside again. like clay pepples do every time i dry them? by your instructions i would have to put carbon in 2nd wording is key but does not seem helpfull to me, just use vector 5x tane.
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    Best strains to use when making waxes/budders

    banana kush makes great "butter" every time i like to reheat and turn it to glass though. 19-23% turn out Jack Herer does not imo because it turned right into glass and 22.5% bomb but what i want to know is why u want butter and not hard rock or glass bho. all purps have buttered for...
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    Clean your butane oil, or, a thought I had while driving :)

    yes i know iso no good for consumption, i also have used everclear in my younger days like ten years ago it was all goooeeey and i never did it again i should run a batch with all my new knowledge.
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    Neurotoxic Effects from Butane Gas

    if it were only a butane thing then i guess crack is okay. lol. hmk is dead ass right CRACK is the problem with crackheads not butane
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    heres my oil making process.. so far..

    i have made wax with shit ass nasty gasoline smelling crap mexican tire weed and it turned out great. it was darker in color, tasted like crap (well what it started as), and was solid not sticky and like a brownish ball of wax. u get out what u put in put in super get out super put in crap get...
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    Clean your butane oil, or, a thought I had while driving :)

    very cool like the idea. have u done it? got pics? and how is final product copaired to just BHO and just QWiso or is diff all together
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    Propane the "ultimate solvent" for extraction

    "King is bad...... look at your oil with a 20X lupe you will see small fiber like particles .... they will spark when you burn it." good to know but colibri is only 3x like king is 3x wouldnt they be just as clean? i smell no rotten eggs all i smell is the sweet smell of chibbahh. wish i...
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    heres my oil making process.. so far..

    okay check it out if you are outside doing this (dont ever do inside.! my friend lit me on fire outside (dumbshit) it is dangerous, be safe outside in open air) sounds good so far the earwax you want is one more step. read my PM. and before final scrape when you are warming stir it up...
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    Black gold..Texas Tea..bigger run

    burned my arm last night. small burn but i put some bho on it just to fuck around and this morn the burn is actually gone Lol it worked.
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    Clean your butane oil, or, a thought I had while driving :)

    ya it seems kind of point less to me since all the tane and all the everklear are going to evaporate why waste the time. dont seem like adding it will help out at all.
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    Neurotoxic Effects from Butane Gas

    i appreciate your thread 20north, but you have gone about giving information in a bad way (imo) on the other thread. MY question to u is are we inhaling gas? i use vector it is 5x refinded or a more expecsive brand with less than .003% of total impurities and then purge on a double boiler for...
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    Rick Simpsons healing oil, make the medicine!

    sounds dope to me i just use a one inch stainless threaded pipe, hell i would by one if i knew you personally.. lol..
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    in my opinion bho is better. when purged properly its is very very tasty easy to work with ie smoke and i have had lots of bubble hash the only really good bubble i ever got is from an L.A. med club. all the bubble that makes it localy is cheap stuff i have had better and worse than the one i...
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    california colibri supply

    i get vector no problem where im at there are smoke, cigar, and cigarette stores all over it took like 4 stores the 1st one had 12 got all them 2nd store nothing 3rd store had xikar (expensive stuff) worked good and finally a new cigar store had a case of 12 told him to get me more the next day...
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    poll:oil yield per oz

    just did 112gr of good x-mas mexican commercial brick weed. i dont smoke the stuff ever!! got back 10gr of surprisingly decent oil nice dark amber color aswell. its funny that mersh had 8.9% and some cheap shit(canadian (i think) not so good) that cost 5x more only had like 5% thc and a...
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    Can't find good butane help

    try to find vector or colibri(never used myself) they are refinded five times for cleanness and king is only three times will leave a worse taste than vector smoke shop, head shops, and most liquer stores carry around here good luck to you.
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    poll:oil yield per oz

    we smoke lots round here!!!!! 1gr nug + 1gr oil = 1 good blunt but we smoke 4 to 5 a day (2-3 people), and i put at least point 2 on every hit probably smoke like a quarter oz of bud and 2-4 grams oil daily (with friends and fam of course)(rough guesses only dont wiegh every hit lol)
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    poll:oil yield per oz

    good purps gives about 5.50 grams per oz of oil and bananna kush did the same. the best yield i got was 3.20 grams from a half oz of green crack (not fav. strain good oil though) worst yield my friend ran an oz and got 1.65 grams (cheap stuff not mexi). use a 0.00 gram scale, product is cured...
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    ice water hash .vs. butane extracted hash

    hmk has shown me the way. before hmk bho instructional i would have said that it is all good (i still will actually). but the bho, (now that i got it down pat,) is by far the best quality one can make at home easily and quickly. completely melts to liquid and disappeared. ashlesssss
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    Detailed instructions for Hash oil or Hash in minutes. Pure

    Isopropyl alcohol. like rubbing alcohol.
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