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  1. infam0usgro

    Rooting Hormone additive cheap solution?

    Sorry if my question wasnt worded correctly. I am trying to find an inexpensive solution of adding a rooting powder/liquid to my nutrient mix. I am trying to save money rather than paying for overpriced bottled nutrients. I know the active ingredient is INDOLE 3 BUTYRIC ACID but i dont know how...
  2. infam0usgro

    Rooting Hormone additive cheap solution?

    Hello all, Hope you are all well and having an amazing holiday week despite this pandemic! Had a question regarding rooting hormone additives. I use salts in my grow and am possibly looking for an alternative whether it be powder or some inexpensive way to add rooting hormone into my mix...
  3. infam0usgro

    Need help on first grow due to homemade pesticide.

    Your media looks overwatered and i really dont think you have anything left in that plant. Very stressed out at the moment. As @dred said, id start fresh. Learn from your mistakes only way youll get better as a grower.
  4. infam0usgro

    Need help with my plant !

    Looks like overwatering to me, and looks like your feeding(nutes) aint where its supposed to be at. Care to explain how much water you are giving it every 3-4 days? how many ml's or gallons and what nutrients are you using with what type of ec and ph? Have you done a run off test?
  5. infam0usgro

    Trying to make DIY Athena Cleanse (hypochlorous acid)

    Hello all, As you are aware active ingredient in ATHENA CLEANSE is hypochlorous acid. I am aware that you can buy a hypochlorous acid maker and make your own. However i am also aware that hypochlorous acid becomes less stable as time goes by. Does anyone know how to make the athena cleanse...
  6. infam0usgro

    Borax, The Magic In Ca-25?

    Have you tried this yourself? Been looking for a replacement to the ca25. Really shocked me when they went out of business.
  7. infam0usgro

    Is this a usable source of magnesium?

    Yea get epsom salt which is magnesium sulfate. Very cheap. Also if you are using molasses make sure its unsulphured black strap molasses.
  8. infam0usgro

    Super silver haze wilting, clawing under. Any guesses about problem?

    You are def overfeeding your plant with water. Let the plant dry down a little bit and mix your nutes at like 50 percent strength and give them a nice flush with 50 percent strength. check your run off and if your getting higher numbers than what you are feeding it with, then you need to...
  9. infam0usgro

    Want to swap Armor Si for Power Si Bloom

    No need to pay for water bottled nutes. Thats all, ive paid my share of water and boy im thankful that i aint doing it no more. Happy growing my man!
  10. infam0usgro

    Want to swap Armor Si for Power Si Bloom

    Also looking back at this thread, you mentioned you are using calimagic on top of your jacks 321. If i remember correctly, part B is your calcium nitrate, and your 1( magnesium sulfate) is your mag. No need to use cali magic, your 321 already has what you need.
  11. infam0usgro

    Day 48 flower W/ nutrient issues. Advice needed.

    I was literally gonna say the same. Clean the bottoms up, and dont over water !
  12. infam0usgro

    Borax, The Magic In Ca-25?

    Company went out of business. One of the owners of the company passed away and the wife no longer manufactures the product. This is what i was told by Arbico. I need to find something to replace this product. Maybe someone can chime in on some advice
  13. infam0usgro

    Athena Cleanse

    I agree, but they're capitalizing on their brand and surely are delivering good products. Cannot hate on them for that, im just trying to make my own by not overpaying. Very simple :)
  14. infam0usgro

    Athena Cleanse

    Hello all! Hope everyone is safe and well ! Been seeing a lot of hype on Athena Cleanse. Looked at active ingredient and saw hypochlorous acid. Went online and saw we can make it our selves. Question is does anyone know how strong the athena cleanse is and how would one go by making our own...
  15. infam0usgro

    Want to swap Armor Si for Power Si Bloom

    Go for the Agsil 16h.. i havent looked back since.
  16. infam0usgro

    Trellis? Like for real how do you weave the tops through?

    Hey, you need to do the pinch technique to the plants in order to soften the stem a little bit. Basically grab to fingers as if you're holding a pen and slightly squeeze the stem until you feel the stem slowly break its stem wall. After it is softened, you can then slowly weave through nets and...
  17. infam0usgro

    Sterile Reservoir for multi-feed(auto irrigation) in Coco

    Hello all, Have a question if anyone can possibly understand the madness that is going through my head. I currently run an irrigation system on my plants with a reservoir that is setup on a timer. Now I normally use microbes to help "break-down" nutrients in my reservoir however, I am wondering...
  18. infam0usgro

    Brix Levels?

    Hello all! So i've been doing a lot of research in regards to brix levels and am trying to get my plants to a better state. I understand the whole point behind brix and what it does for your plants however it seems like I am having a hard time finding this out: When in clone/t5 stage what...
  19. infam0usgro

    Flushing mid veg/flower with RO

    Yeah didnt really realize that RO water was that detrimental to the plants. I figured by it having "0 ec" it would lower the ec which in return would help bring the levels back to normal. I will not be flushing with RO anymore until last week of flower.
  20. infam0usgro

    Flushing mid veg/flower with RO

    You're absolutely right. I guess my biggest problem is I feed my smaller plants maybe 250ml- 1 liter of water in a 3 gallon pot depending on size. As they grow bigger they get more water. I dont like drenching them and then not having to feed them for 7 days. I guess fresh oxygen to the roots...
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