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  1. MiMadman

    Looking for a real skunk strain.

    I was skeptical. ..good to knw
  2. MiMadman

    Looking for a real skunk strain.

    Med man seeds. Has a 35 yr old clone of what thy call rks.
  3. MiMadman

    Csi Outdoors 2017

    Bubba Diesel. ..for me.
  4. MiMadman

    What Do I Want?

    One really has to be careful and not get swept up in running untested varieties. When i think of how to determine a reputable breeder. Serious seeds comes to mind. Breeding takes time...selection and study of traits and genetics. The market is full of hacks...becareful
  5. MiMadman

    Below Frigid's 2017 In The 831

    Damn. the dream.
  6. MiMadman

    Need Help Finding A Caregiver

    Few yrs ago..
  7. MiMadman

    OGRaskal picture fest!

    I grew WU was some great weed. Raskal made some great xs.
  8. MiMadman


    Hey bro its D.. been awhile i knw. Holler at me. If anyone is n touch with mittenmedgrow pls contact him tell him to contact me thx big time.
  9. MiMadman

    Need Help Finding A Caregiver

    Good caregvers r hard to find. As r good patients. To start a caregiver must knw how to grow. I used to give all my patients 2 zips a month free. Which is unheard of now. Kept every one happy tho.
  10. MiMadman

    Csi: Humboldt - Growers Picture Thread - Veg Or Flow, We Love' Em All!

    Damn urkle seems to always x good
  11. MiMadman

    Branded Bubba

    Nice thx for sharing
  12. MiMadman

    Csi Outdoors 2017

    Damn save clones of all plants ...could b some keepers n there and the f2s.
  13. MiMadman

    Chem Talk

    Ive ran some of the family. My fav would b the D ,Sister and 4. All are dank. I always wanted to run snowdog havent yet. There around make some friends.
  14. MiMadman

    Tahoe OG Kush- Cali Connection

    Place sprouted seeds in deep container a big gulp cup. Or a 2 liter. This allows seedling to send dwn a deep tap root. Mj botany Robert Clark talks about this. The deeper the initial growth,the higher percent of females. It matters and works. Good luck
  15. MiMadman

    Med Laws For Your State..?

    Damn u guys cant grow for rec use...doesn't make sense to me. Seems it just made it so certain people have control of the market. Bummer.
  16. MiMadman


    Sweet glade to hear someone had better luck than i did. Any pics?Your crosses sound very good.
  17. MiMadman

    Plant count in Maine

    And unnumberd veg per patient?
  18. MiMadman

    Med Laws?

    I realize that my question may seem basic. However i thought i could get a ground zero understanding of whats what...the whats really going on...not the basic as its written law. So forgive me...if i wasnt specific enough.
  19. MiMadman

    Med Laws For Your State..?

    So there's something wrong with asking about med laws in the states im interested in? Sure google has the basic written language of a law. But the people that live there and are involved in it. Can provide a better and more accurate understanding of ground zero. I thought thats what these...
  20. MiMadman

    Plant count in Maine

    What can a care giver have for plant counts?
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