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    Cannabis Tincture A.K.A. Green Dragon ((PICS))

    theres CBC in the plant material that is very good to have. like the rick oil... if you were to grind up the stuff way much and then do a very quick quick run like 5 minutes or less you would most likely get some CBC out of the material. cbc increases the effects of the thc
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    Recommend PH & PPM tester for Coco plz

    some people on here dont know coco at all and are talking out of their ass it looks like. lol just flush your shit every week and test the run off lol..... if your having that much trouble keeping things stable.... that you have to use a medium tester!!!!! LOL you should probably try a...
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    Want people opinion on using kief instead of trim in bubble-bag

    kief might clog it?????? no.................. I run dry sift through bags all the time because then you get cleaner sift and its easier to then grade them all / sort who ever said kief might clog it has never used bubble bags before....... just do it normally with ice . you can use a...
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    Recommend PH & PPM tester for Coco plz

    buy hanna and only HANNA and choose the water proof ones because they dont break. the non water proof is the same computerchips... they just break... buy a ph meter and a tds meter do not buy a combo.... they will break. make sure to all ways leave your PH METER IN WATER. THIS MEANS THE...
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    42 Plants 1x1000 Watt Light:)

    doesnt sound like you have tried a whole lot of anything. your just stubborn man... you could flood and or drip them. do you know anything about coco run off? PH is 1/90th as important as PPM in COCO.. how do you plan on flushing them every week or 2? thats 4 gallons per pot if they are 2...
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    15 gallon buckets w/ cocco

    haha like another coco admin maybe
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    42 Plants 1x1000 Watt Light:)

    get a botanicare table or........ make your own out of pond liner OMG do your self a favor holy shit. those root pots are flat so you can actaully get root rot from them sitting on the floor and a drip system is terrible for the root system it will be uneven and your roots wont nearly be as...
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    Metal Halide for the last few weeks?

    i have tried using mh and hps all the way and it was cool the mh didnt nearly get as much bud/caylx's density as the hps did but the middle HPS*!*!*MH gets like 10x more dense and way bigger if you do that i noticed but you do lose like half your yield because of the mh. I think its good to do...
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    today off to a bad start…

    about fuckin time dude! lol go get a new one lol
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    Slips flower pics

    yeah pureblend pro has a better final than the pura vida does. I noticed that too....
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    Coco 4X8 Tent Diesel Maui Dawg and Agent Orange

    you look like your almost there. keep it up
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    Coco 4X8 Tent Diesel Maui Dawg and Agent Orange

    damn bro you have got some stretchy plants there? you going to flip them? you got heat problems? those look like they stretched a ton. are you seeing lots of root death or something or do those pots let light in? so the roots are decaying from the light? causing that stretch :rain
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    Cannabis Tincture A.K.A. Green Dragon ((PICS))

    ohhh my god!! can you please do another run but do one for like 30 minutes?????? WE ALL ARE WAITING FOR THE AMAZING LOOKING STUFF/ HIGH QUALITY YUM YUM. I KNOW YOU CAN MAKE IT!!!!! <3 WHERES THE AMBER!!! GO GOGO! lol you can always decarbox the thc after it has been extracted ...
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    Is ProCal / CalMG needed last 4 weeks of Flowering? Or just Mg

    no not really because the calcium actually stays in the medium. you cant get it out so lol dont add to much bro LOL! basicly just dont add much nitrogen as all these nutrients kinda influence the plant so any N is going to make leaf growth and slow down any bud growth. make sure you dont...
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    BHO quick question for safety

    dude your good to go just make sure you get the stainless steel end caps and such. rock on... um anything else i would add would be people even use gatorade bottles sometimes LOL so thats perfectly fine and your gear is more than thick enough.
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    Anyone use Bushmaster in COCO?

    lift the light while you spray man that should help
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    COCO Grow bags... OK? in ebb n flow??

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    COCO Grow bags... OK? in ebb n flow??

    can grow bags be used in ebb n flow WITH COCO... has anyone had success with COCO in grow bags in a ebb n flow system. grow bags are the plastic bags not the cloth ones
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    hydro and power outtages

    using a couple flashlights would be perfectly fine man! :D just make sure they have a big light radius
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    hydro and power outtages

    they only work for a small amount of time IF you are running lamps on them. that would be considered a full load for one of these things. if your just running pumps and air pumps and things like that co2 timers and things they should run for a fair amount of time for you to get back on your feet
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