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    TK Runnin soil...WTF???

    TK, since you are PH'ing the water, are you using white vinegar for the down and baking soda for the up? It's always been my understanding that 2 TBS of dolomite lime/gal. should buffer the soil so you don't have to PH the water but I have always wondered if it was sufficient.
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    WASSUP from the south

    Welcome fellow southern farmer!
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    TK Runnin soil...WTF???

    Beautiful plants TK. I've been using LC's mix with all dry amendments for the past couple of grows with great success. Nothing like plain water maintenance with some tea mixed in. It doesn't get much easier than this!
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    How did you start?

    I grew up in the 60's and 70's and we tried about every imaginable way to get high starting with grapevine, inhalents and progressing on to psychedelics. Like Texas kid, it was between 6 -7 grade when someone broke out some hash and I felt my first "good" high. The joahican(?) and columbian...
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    Absurd prices for pot

    Good meds down here in the south are moving for around $400/zip. I'm in agreement with Zoo - grow your own dank and never worry about the price on the street.
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    whats up fellow farmers

    Same as you, glad I'm here and welcome also!
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    Hello fellow farmers!

    Been lurking for a while as a transplant from the "other site". Good to see some of the old faces over here and looking forward to a more relaxed atmosphere. I want to say thanks again to all who provide their skills and know-how to our fellow farmers. Grow on!
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