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    heres my oil making process.. so far..

    One step at a time.
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    Neurotoxic Effects from Butane Gas

    If done correctly BHO is some dank shit. :ridinghorse:
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    heres my oil making process.. so far..

    Why not read there's information all over the site.
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    Having problems with butane leaving whipped BHO! need advice

    I use the yellow cans and get bomb wax its all about the material used.
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    It is the best, Its all I use.
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    ice water hash .vs. butane extracted hash

    I want one of those bubbler's I saw you post real bad.
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    Just to clear things up...

    There's plenty of ways to hide the taste of weed. I cook with hash oil that helps alot vinella extract helps alot to or cinnominn and theres a few other tricks. but gennerally cooking with butter or cooking oil that had the leaf cooked through it.. well taste like crap. personally I like...
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    RCDWC tanks

    Those are tight!
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    jj's garden

    fucking girls are crazy sorry to hear that jj
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    Where can I get a case of Butane in LA

    Well the title pretty much says it all. I'd rather not order it online cause of shipping. Anyone got any sugestions? I'd like to get a full case i think theres like 96 cans in it.
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    california colibri supply

    I to would like to know somewhere to purchase a case online or socal.
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    General Hydroponics Flora 3 part

    Is there a differnce between GH 3 part and AN 3 part? besides the money with is obvious.
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    what are the best ways to smoke oil?

    That's pretty fuckin cool
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    Best Brand of Digital Ballast?

    I got a bunch of lumatek's and I love them
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    General Hydroponics Flora 3 part

    So after trying a few different brands of nutrients, I decided to give General Hydroponics 3 part a try and I'm going to use H&G Root Excelerator and also a Cal Mag not sure witch one tho, I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. My question is, Is there anything else I should use with...
  16. T Online Medical Marijuana

    that's all assuming you sell one pound a month.....
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    Anti mite products - UK - THAT WORK

    I used that guy off ebay to, great service and ships same day.
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    Spider Mites

    I just got my little OZ bottle of Floramite in the mail, Cause I couldnt afford the 300$ bottle. When the lights go on tonight I'm gonna spray it and tips or sugestions.
  19. T Online Medical Marijuana

    I dont mean to be negative but there are already to many clinics and this just seems dumb. what is marijuana comeing to with new sites like budtrader and now a clinic online among like 5 other sites that slip my mind. This is not good for the movement. it really is all about the money i guess. I...
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    San Diegans watch this Vid. We have to remove this D.A.

    thats messed up
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