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  1. mastacheeser

    A M A - I'm Lino, Ask Me Anything!

    Not a single crypto market has tripled in the last 5 days
  2. mastacheeser

    Coffee To Lower Water Ph

    Molasses and most fish byproducts will lower your pH too!
  3. mastacheeser

    Cultivator In San Jose With Too Much Flower!

    Haha. It's like a a.a. meeting Well I'll give it a go. My name is mastacheeser and I have too many clones
  4. mastacheeser

    What Are Socal Prices Currently?

    Maybe 2400-25. Up to 28 if it's fire
  5. mastacheeser

    What Are Socal Prices Currently?

    If you want c.o.d. your prob going to have a tough time getting more than 2k per pack
  6. mastacheeser

    What Are Socal Prices Currently?

    What strain?
  7. mastacheeser

    Nute Burn In Late Flower??

    They are toasted man If you fill out the form in the infirmary I'm sure you can get some useful info from the people here. I can see 3 different things wrong but need more info to help ya fix it
  8. mastacheeser

    Where Get Cana Tested For Thc/cbd

    Sc labs will let you pay for better numbers....and they are the biggest in so cal. Ever since they told me that I haven't believed any of those places
  9. mastacheeser

    Can A Photoperiod Ak48 Starting 8th Week Be Cut To Fit Tent In Veg?

    Yep demontrich is dead on Ever seen a rose bush get pruned? You can do the same to Mary jane
  10. mastacheeser

    Availability Of Natural Inputs?

    Poke your head around about actively aeriated compost teas. One of the best things you can do for your garden and you can get em going for less than $100
  11. mastacheeser

    Plastics And Cannabis

    Sounds like you've been smoking some plastic @Stardusted
  12. mastacheeser

    Nebraska Hemp

    Haha I grew up in Iowa and it was the same way. We called it "ditch weed" My first time growing is when we found a bunch of ditchweed that had just started showing sex. Went through and pulled all the males. They sprung up right next to a lake so no maintenance was required. Came back a few...
  13. mastacheeser

    The Ranch

    Is Danny Masterson going to swing by? Everybody keep those buttholes tight
  14. mastacheeser

    Sog Tutorial

    Or a good dog tutorial
  15. mastacheeser

    Sog Tutorial

    Looking for a good pog tutorial
  16. mastacheeser

    Availability Of Natural Inputs?

    Compost teas!
  17. mastacheeser

    Cant Make Up My Mind To What Is Wrong.

    Yep something is a little off but they get real sensitive coming up towards the finish line. What are your temps? Looks great tho, for real
  18. mastacheeser

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    I've only ever seen a few people claim 2g per watt that I actually believed
  19. mastacheeser

    Old Clones

    Get em in some bigger pots and get a compost tea going for em. They will be off to the races in no time
  20. mastacheeser

    Broad Mite Eggs Or Trichomes? 120x

    Do you have a thread going in the infirmary? Start one up if ya don't
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