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  1. psilobuds

    Uvb Uva Study Test Results Increases Medical Marijuana Potency 3-5%

    Thanks thats a good post. I personally wouldnt believe it unless it was replicated in peer reviewd journals. But that there is a good start to the right approach. But UVB is also very good at disrupting DNA repair mechanisms --> cell damage from any rays that get past the cuticle... Ther b...
  2. psilobuds

    Your New Garden Fertilizer

    I use it as a foliar spray from week 4. Brings out the color of those little red hairs. Fuckin choice mate. ..swear I'm grownin tits from smokin that shit
  3. psilobuds

    spider mite resistant strains?

    And I dont know of any strains but have heard of pesticide resistant spider mite
  4. psilobuds

    spider mite resistant strains?

    does anyone kno what chems are responsibly for mite resistance? like this 'll be somfin the plant's synthesizing yeah?
  5. psilobuds

    Broke A Hugh Branch Anything I Can Do?

    And anyway that potential will be redirected else where into other branches so all good mate
  6. psilobuds

    Broke A Hugh Branch Anything I Can Do?

    Done this before aint that a beeeech! if it ever happens again and the branch hasnt boke clean off,, and the loss looks as tho its gonna be worth the effort then 1) remove the big shade leaves , [they will demand more moisture than the branch can supply] 2) wet some sphagnum moss used for...
  7. psilobuds

    Cure Flower Enhancer

    Got mates back in aussie that been it there already. sorry to disappoint - it aint cheap. something like $250 / L. that said they reckon theyr making their cash back 10 fold which is a ridiculeusly lucrative return on investment. I dunno where the fuck its being sold here but if its samples...
  8. psilobuds

    Ethics Question

    Mate you dont want to say nothin yet. I got it all mapped out for ya. Bring er up, clone, grow, clone, grow.. Once you have ur first 150lbs swap it for bitcoins, float them and use the capital to leverage yourself for options of a cayman island investment banking scheme. Pretty soon you'll have...
  9. psilobuds

    Nutrients In Coco

  10. psilobuds

    Can Plants Be Showing Signs Of Sex?

  11. psilobuds

    Lifespan Of Hps Arc Tubes

    And from my understandin its like sodium is sodium, other than mercury im not aware of much else they can use to tweak the spectrum so everythin else will onlyfilter wavelenghts which means its absorbs and so turns to heat so then materials fuck out quicker. So more a materials thing? clarity /...
  12. psilobuds

    Lifespan Of Hps Arc Tubes

    If ur gettin 1.5 a light with old bulbs u must be doin somfin right mate. Magine what ya cud pull with new bulbs. Have u ever noticed much of a diffrence??
  13. psilobuds

    Amanita Muscaria mushrooms!!!!!!

    there ain't no difference in potency between stems and caps mate. pe is a hella potent strain 2, i'm guessing no 1 would be complaining if he gives them away. seriously they make u trip balls hard!! :cool: i freaking love my shrooms lol
  14. psilobuds

    Anyone use light movers?

    that's an astute observation mate.
  15. psilobuds

    *** the fishy page ***

    shit that is one fine looking arse! lol
  16. psilobuds

    Coco Trees

    damn those bitches r hitting the ceiling!!
  17. psilobuds

    New Grow from seed - Gandalf - Urkel x Krazy Kush - Direwulfe

    fingers crossed 4 u mate. sounds like u could get some proper fire outta those beans!
  18. psilobuds

    Unlock your strains' hidden powers.

    i definitely get more purple and red hues with cold temps and this seems 2 make my nugz more flavortastic. u mentioned availability of water. r u suggesting creating drought conditions?
  19. psilobuds

    Anyone use light movers?

    if you’re getting photorespiration your lights are 2 close mate.
  20. psilobuds

    Anyone know about pipe lagging?

    yeah, but then there’s the rest of the world. sorry 2 inform u mate but not everyone on this forum is a yankee. and until our dumb arse governments follow suit, we r stuck hiding our activities in the shadows. i dont feel like i’m breaking any ethical boundaries, and its shit feeling like ur...
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