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    What's good bro, just making sure my account still active took a break but I'm bout to get back...

    What's good bro, just making sure my account still active took a break but I'm bout to get back at it.. look forward to coming back to the farm! Peace
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    House & Garden Algen Extract

    word, I was just about to say I only use Algen Extract during veg and it def gives the plants some extra vigor... I would recommend introducing it to your feed schedule and seeing what difference it makes.
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    Here's one for you all

    The colors/patterns in that baby are just insane! always killin it bro...
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    Black African Durban

    I'll be waiting to see what comes of these... should be some super heady sati smoke!
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    Salt - Adam G collabs 1-3

    Such a dope collabo! nice work bro... keep it up
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    Sick custom glass from Adam G!!!

    First things first big thanks to the homie adam for coming thru heavy this week, hope you enjoyed that black x nigerian haze and white fire og, I had a great time at the event at easy street..some of the sickest glass I have ever seen in my life! anyways heres some pics of the piece, I named...
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    Neville's haze - organic, 120 days

    Very nice homie cant wait to run my MNS Nevilles, hope I can find a super hazey pheno! Yours looks great, was it from the new or old packs?
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    Motarebel Genetics is back..........

    Cant wait... looks like ur bringin a lot of new fire to the game! hope these projects work out well bro, bound to come across a few killers in this bunch..
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    High Times new Chemdog issue

    Right on Chem! props on the article... noticed at the end you mentioned beans will be hitting the auction after they get tested, well give me a holler if u need a tester I would be honored to put in some work for u bro.
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    Lookin real dank homie! wish I woulda got these when I had the chance...
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    deny watering last week of flower

    I also like to flush for around 2 weeks then starve for a couple of days till the soil dries out... not sure if it helps or not but I'm sure happy with my overall results in the end!
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    Happy 420

    Happy 420 to all my fellow farmers!!!
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    RIP Jack Herer (1939-2010)

    Such sad news... Long Live the Hemperor!
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    Dr Candyman's Revenge

    Welcome back doc! sorry to hear bout u getting caught up with rats and leo, its good to see u round again... Hope everything works out and you get back working on those projects u had lined up.
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    Break the law and your new 'friend' may be the FBI

    Great post mr haze, I was just telling someone bout this...
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    Larry OG Before the Big Chop!!

    Looks great SMF finally getting round to this thread... That Larry is sure some diggitydank!
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    MY NEW 1 of a kind TORO!!!

    thanks man & I got it for a steal considering the price tag was $2700, not really gonna say how much I paid but I will say they sure hooked me up big time! Gotham is the place to go to... Thanks rob, yeah they sure have an amazing selection... I'll be back soon as JP makes another drop...
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    MY NEW 1 of a kind TORO!!!

    its not a collab, JP blew this 1 all on his own...
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    MY NEW 1 of a kind TORO!!!

    Thanks guys! I seen her sitting there and I just couldnt resist... Now I'm tryna bring myself to actually using it, its just too nice
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    MY NEW 1 of a kind TORO!!!

    Thanks OGR I sure hope I dont break it but all I know is I'm bout to break it in! LOL.... got some dank white fire thanks 2 u, ready to load her up...
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