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  1. purpleberry

    PPM. How important is it?

    Mutant leaf, variegation and a crested top..nice. What’s the strain?
  2. purpleberry

    From Cali To Denver

    wow $1800 did it really drop that low?
  3. purpleberry

    Calling all experts!

    This is the reason co-ops need to be set up. Don't let the retailer tell you what to charge. You tell them what to pay and what msrp should be. Start a non profit co-op for growers, poll your resources. Let everything go threw the co-op and get graded and priced and make the retailer go threw...
  4. purpleberry

    2 Options For Light Layout In A 12x12 Room.

    Depends on how many amps you have and if the power bill is a concern and if your worried about yield per watt. You'll get more per watt with less watts. 4-6k will be hight yield per light. because the extra room. But if that don't matter and power don't matter, I throw 9k in there bare bulb...
  5. purpleberry

    180 day lab test of Avid, Forbid, Floramite, Eagle 20

    Ive thought a lot about this, I don't hesitate to use strong pesticides when they are called for in veg. As growing gets more legal, it going to be a bigger concern. A lot of guys want to go organic. But I think theres going to be a need for regulating the growers who don't want to be organic...
  6. purpleberry

    Commercialization of Cannabis

    When it goes legal and huge grows are run by big companies, I think your going to see how easy it really can be to produce top self nugs, IF that is what they want to do and if that is what the customers buy. If they grow outdoor and or greenhouses to produce a product that is bought up and good...
  7. purpleberry

    Anyone use light movers?

    I had a room with 4 lights down each side and 4' down the middle. Wasn't enough amps to add lights. So I set one of those ebay light mover that moved all 8 at once. Very nice setup. %50 more plants %50 more canopy Yields didn't go up %50, but they did go up maybe %25 -30 Was better in the...
  8. purpleberry

    New paint off gassing problem.

    These are in 25g pots of ready grow, They where in 1g and have tripled in size but continue to look like this. Feed with dechlorinated water starting at 100ppm Calmag 5ml Canna A&B 12ml each PH6 PPM 1000 I did a test on the run off of fresh soil from the bag, it was 500ppm I brought in a fresh...
  9. purpleberry

    Clones rate inconsistent..

    One of the most important things is the temp. Make sure the room is about 75 at all times. If you are below 70 or about 80, that is a problem. I use to have problems sometimes and it was always temp related. I never have problems now. I start with healthy mothers. I flush a gallon threw my...
  10. purpleberry

    finally found a REAL skunk BO funk!!!!

    I found one in a pack of great white shark several years ago, Runt of 10 plants only one worth a crap. It sounds great if your on the hunt for skunk. But the problem is when you do find it lol , There is no exaggeration on how bad it can be to control smell. Just transporting it in the trunk of...
  11. purpleberry

    having high electric bill readings

    If you have to worry about being shut down, Its not totally legal. I would get space on private property with a huge shop and do it there. Easier to keep people out.
  12. purpleberry

    Why is this happening to my leaves.

    If you grab the main stalk and give it a little shake, the caterpillars should fall in the pot or on the ground. To me the leaf just looks like it ripped some how.
  13. purpleberry

    New paint off gassing problem.

    Thanks for the help. I think they are doing better with fresh air. we aired it out and added filters. I brought in a test plant to see how it does. Lesson learned on that one. Don't use exterior paint inside, make sure you use zero voc paint.
  14. purpleberry

    New paint off gassing problem.

    yes its sealed room, and plants were moved in before the paint even dried, its been 2 weeks. Do you think charcoal filters will absorb vocs?
  15. purpleberry

    New paint off gassing problem.

    My friend painted a new room with exterior low voc paint. The plants that went in have been going down hill, Looks like fertilizer deficiency's, new growth starting to curl leaves real bad. Ive never seen plants look so bad. I pretty sure its the environment and not a fertilizer issue. Im also...
  16. purpleberry

    A detailed explanation of why fast curing buds in preferable to slow curing.

    I do it fast but not that fast. I set it to 75 degrees and 45% humidity for a few days, Once it feels dry enough to trim, Ill move the humidity up to slow it down 48-50% It gets trimmed on and put in bins for a few days, and is ready to bag. I then check the bags every day and burp them if they...
  17. purpleberry

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    I just got the what appears to be the forum cut, from the first test plant. Has any made her yield? Who has something to brag about on numbers? I know it looks like a low yielder, But with the stretch she gets, running a lot of buds sites, and the denseness of the nugs, I have hopes that she...
  18. purpleberry

    16,000 W Dream Room

    What does humidity and co2 have to do with anything? It actually lowers the humidity with bare bulbs, and of course the room would be sealed with co2 and bare bulbs. And I hit 1g watt plus running bare bulb. Look at how many inline fans and how many amps they take up, move those amps to ac. I...
  19. purpleberry

    16,000 W Dream Room

    You should consider running gravitas, Or bare bulb 1000w hoods and ditch all the ducting, fans, glass, and holes you have to cut. And just up your ac in size.
  20. purpleberry

    Everything you need to start a legal Warehouse grow in CA?

    Its all about having a system that works for you, and making it as easy as possible. If it takes you and another guy that much work to do 16k you need to change things up make it simple. Ill give you what all my labor on 16K setup would be. Plant babies and water 2 guys 4 hours 15g pots 4 per...
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