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    Dueling UCE's - A Perpetual Flip-Flop

    If it's only a two week loss, for sure swap those plants out - been dealing with the same issue, but I'm so deep into this run I'm just gonna flip the switch and hope for the best. As far as Pluto, it doesn't fit the newest planet criteria (as defined a couple of years ago) of "clearing a...
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    G's 6 plant MPB

    Awesome work Giddeon - these MPBs are a dying breed (or so it seems), but it sure is fun watching someone blow them the fudge up :) Good luck :)
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    Shady Business… In the Cuts: Under Current

    Sucks about the pH meter, but I think I can speak for a lot of people (who slack, like me) who thank you for reminding us to calibrate our pens. Shit still looks great, keep it up homeboy :)
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    3600w [RDWC] 13gal Buckets ScrOG w/ C02 by BudLust

    Looking great, Boom - not sure what kind of dehuey you're looking at with that capacity and at that price, but a little shopping around never hurt anybody :) Hell, if you just need something to hold you over for a grow or two until you get a few Santa Fe's, just go on Craigslist and get a...
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    Shady Business… In the Cuts: Under Current

    Looking awesome Shady - keep it up homeboy :)
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    what's the best economical co2 setup?

    25 pints, but I'm upgrading sooner rather than later; also have 96 pints of dehuey power from my AC, so it's not too bad - just get more efficiency out of larger dehueys than you do outta little ones.
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    what's the best economical co2 setup?

    I use a Sentinel CHHC-1 - works great, best thing I ever bought for my grow.
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    what's the best economical co2 setup?

    My room is 10x14, 8' ceilings, and I use a natural gas watercooled generator - definitely adds some humidity, but I have a dehuey so I don't really sweat it. If you're gonna add CO2, the way it's worthwhile (this is all MHO) is to do it right, which means going sealed, getting an atmospheric...
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    Thread locked..Heres my updates..

    Good job, bro - got any harvest pics?
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    Dueling UCE's - A Perpetual Flip-Flop

    Sweet, should be getting mine delivered either today or tomorrow - great find, bro :)
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    Cheap and easy vertical

    Looking really good, bro.
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    Quick simple sentinel CHHC 4 question??

    Lol.............Harley, it's Rupert - nice seeing you over here :)
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    450kw large medi grow....chicken barn

    Mixing horizontal and vertical lighting (in theory, have never done it) just seems to be more trouble than it's worth. I know Jack is doing it with this grow, but.............for horizontal lighting to be effective, you need to really manage your canopy; same deal with vertical lighting, they...
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    450kw large medi grow....chicken barn

    "If you ain't running a million watts than you just ain't doin' it."
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    450kw large medi grow....chicken barn

    450,000 watts sounds about right to me to serve two patients.
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    how much are dispensaries paying for a pound?

    Lol...........I guess that's the price to be paid for no (well, "reduced" depending on things) legal ramifications if you're caught growing :) To the dude above's point, getting $3K (LEGALLY!!!) for a product that takes a few hundred dollars to produce ain't that bad - a 1000% return on...
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    450kw large medi grow....chicken barn

    Yeah, figured anybody that sick with it would keep security pretty tight, but you know I had to ask :)
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    450kw large medi grow....chicken barn

    I just creamed my pants..........any pics available of Stephen Hawking's grow room? :harvest:
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    One chiller multiple loads

    Oh no, I wasn't talking about the pump that feeds the chiller - that should always be running so as to not damage the chiller by the coils freezing over (unless you're using poly(something) glycol, which is like "safe" antifreeze). Of course, in "my" setup (planned but never executed), even...
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    Hydro Innovations Water-Cooled Co2 Generator

    There's a built-in high temp shutoff on the unit, if that's what you're asking - not sure what temp the water would have to be to hit that high temp shutoff, but it's not something I'd wanna mess with. Then there's the issue of hoses melting from too hot of water, etc..........probably a...
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