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    Systemic Powdery Mildew Fungicide?

    you found it you will never have pm again you have won trust me. 2ml to 2.5ml a gall full coverage in veg and once at onset of 12/12 fixed. does not burn plants i have sprayed sprouts unrooted clones etc.. utterly harmless to cannabis plants not like neem or pyrethrum or sulphur or so many other...
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    How long does it take for Greencure to work???

    nothing works for pm besides a systemic like say eagle-20 everything else is a band aid. before i had used neem sulphur green cure(potassium bicarb) oils baking soda(sodium bicarb) sns-22 sm-90 serenade etc... all suck for pm and the plants dont like it especially in flower. since i used eagle...
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    Chem Ds1 TMV?

    yes some ogs and chems have one of the mosaic viruses there are a few of the them that produce similar symptoms its real obvious those pics dont look like it to me but there a bit blurred so could be wrong. in my experience mosaic disease is no big deal if the plant is healthy and getting what...
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    What i believe to be root aphids :(

    rotten potatoes huh? anyways dealt with the 2 times they can be eliminated in 1 proper treatment as i have eliminated them twice the problem is the plants are so damaged even once the aphids are gone that recovery takes weeks so if the genetics are easy to replace just kill everything and save...
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    dog eats coco, is this a concern

    i have heard some types of coco can clog the digestive tract of dogs and possibly kill them someone told me this as i amend my yard with used coco coir idk. it would be pure so not digestable at all. dogs are primarily predators(carnivores) and prefer protein so it could cause an issue call your...
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    Help - Im about to lose another batch of well rooted clones

    i agree completely without strong roots in transition you are in for trouble imo.
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    Help - Im about to lose another batch of well rooted clones

    your just plain wrong if you do not have adequate things to add or experience please dont it only spreads confusion. those pics show light bleaching period and maybe also a cal mag iron issue. i grow in the same tent i have for years when moving to a bigger light i experienced these symptoms...
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    gnats in coco

    gnats no big deal quite a few easy ways to get rid of them and even if you dont as long as there just here and there its not a big problem just make sure they are not root aphids.
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    my 818 og kush is sick i need help from the pros!!

    yeah seaweed extract superthrive hygrozyme great white maybe a little h202 all are helpful for root issues and transplant and make sure ph is ok i like 5.8 to 6.3 or so for soil coco etc.. it looks nice and green so probably not needed but i do foliar spray if i feel root uptake is hindered by...
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    my 818 og kush is sick i need help from the pros!!

    ogs are the best and the worst imo. best smoke weakest most finicky plants to dial in with larry og being the trickiest. what i have learned is ph stability is critical as is fert ppms on the lower end like say 600ppm for veg. i work up to 800 to 1000ppm in flower depending on indoor or out and...
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    Any Farmers in Cuba?

    i like how you use the word naive kinda ironic considering your statement. the us kills invades imprisons and steals a hell of a lot more than cuba does thats for sure or really anyone else for that matter. there are two sides to every coin dont knock cuba if your an american were the worst of...
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    Bennificials question

    love great white my new favorite did side by sides certainly useful. before i have used gh subculture b and subculture m also a.n. and there 2 products. great white best.
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    300 gallon smart pot grow(Need advice)

    as for size you will do better as you go along looks like your putting much work into this so you will do well. one important thing if you have gypsy moths where you are or other egg laying butterflies/moths you need to begin weekly spraying with bt or preferably spinosad from start of flower if...
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    Organic White Urkle

    by white urkel what do you mean like urkel*the white or urkel*white widow?
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    fish emotions

    the worst was when that fucking nemo movie came out then i had to explain to every idiot in detail why they could not have little nemo(salt water clown fish) in a bowl. i have dealt with it all though.
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    fish emotions

    ahhahah fish emosion well yeah plants appreciate fish love too we all do lol. anyways neptunes harvest is agood fish EMULSION product that also contains seaweed extract full of plant growth hormones.:party0044:
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    spinosad is safe i have used it up to harvest leaves no residue or smell and does not kill pistils great product. its safe for mammals etc..
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    Bogus police rip off California pot growers

    yeah born and raised in cali was field stripping and cleaning 1911's when i was in 5th grade. when my mom was pregnant with me a rapist entered her home im here because of a .45 needless to say you can assume my stance on good people being able to defend themselves. as the above poster said the...
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    top 3 breeders on the farm?

    not touching this with a ten foot pole lol.
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    Fungal dominiant compost tea??

    so how do you feel about using simple sugars to begin with particularly d-ribose(deoxy ribose) i feel this is possibly a useful compound and maybe would promote both bacterial and fungal populations just theory though.
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