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    WiFi coco drip 10.4kw

    Very nice set-up...I'm watching this one, thanks!
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    sinestro's tent wk7

    Very nice bro!
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    Dazed and confused

    Sounds like they might have been damaged from the way they press that reggie...Maybe... If a seed is a little crushed or damaged by pressing and packing or by somebody trying to Help it get it's shell off... sometimes they grow funky, from my experience's...
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    what should i do 1st

    Hey bro! good to see you here...hope you get the help you need. I dont do Much lst's or super-cropping....I just get about five or six main cola's going and let 'em go...sometime's I will super-crop 'em if one is getting to tall. Some people dont top at all and just lst and supercrop.... Gotta...
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    Stone's Grow! "Sweet Jack" Karma Genetics Test grow

    Thanks Realbusy... good to have you here bro... Fear... did you adjust amounts to compensate?
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    Stone's Grow! "Sweet Jack" Karma Genetics Test grow

    Ok! I'm very exited about this... my first test grow...very cool!... Anyway I'll be testing Karma Genetics brand new "Sweet Jack" This is their description... Sweet Jack This is the SweetSkunk SOL-cut from breeder Steve crossed with my Jack Herrer#22 male this is going to give...
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    Rapid Rooter Starter tray's...

    Thanks Farmer's... I've been using RR's for a VERY little while and had great success rate with them, they work really great... greenplanetguru... That sound pretty cool to see a DYI on that, I'm working on new plans for a whole new grow room, so i'll be looking for soma good...
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    Cave's too hot!

    Thanks Been... Yike's... yeah, I found a 6in cheaper than the 4in I bought... thanks bro...
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    Little Grow Room. needs help

    Dont give up Cannabis... these guy's can figure out anything you need bro! keep trying and good luck...
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    justanother DIY, T5, stealth, micro-cab, bozo style!

    Looking real good Bozo... great craftsmanship....
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    Cave's too hot!

    Thanks Yike's... I'll probably find a stronger fan, I'll check that one out Home Depot,purchase a speed controller, then match the intake size(passive). If that dont do the job, I'll put my cool-tube back in and use it's own intake and exhaust... if I can fit it all in there...and I do want to...
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    Cave's too hot!

    No the intake come's in right by the door and the exhaust exit's in another room.
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    Rapid Rooter Starter tray's...

    Thanks everybody... I guess I'll have to call the hydro store and see if she can get one... Hey Bozo... that is pretty cool bro... but I dont see a dome on it.... do you not use one?
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    Midwest Madness!

    Yeah! them kid's are super-stars bro... good work V....
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    The Declaration of Independence - 1776

    But! Happy fourth any way... smoke -up:smiley_joint:
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    The Declaration of Independence - 1776

    it's just a joke... isn't it?
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    Rapid Rooter Starter tray's...

    I bought a "Rapid Rooter 50 plug starter tray"(Paid like $5 more than just the rooters with no tray)... I thought it had a clear cover that went on top... it didn't... Has anyone used these just as is? the way I do works good, but it looks good to just pour solution into the tray and wait for...
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    just another bozo in the house.

    Very cool set-up Bozo...
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    Cave's too hot!

    Mine is a 4 in also... so I just really need at least a 200 cfm exhaust fan with variable controller and a passive intake the same size... thanks TG
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    Test Grows

    Any word or the testers?....
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