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  1. rollajoint

    Egypt's Pot Problem? A Marijuana Shortage

    Intresting quote my freind . Passing the problem on to other countries to fund their programs but wat i dont get is most major drug cartels try to get it back into america and the CIA think they are winning the war on drugs ? haha how :sign0055: up lol Sorry for blabbing on . RJ
  2. rollajoint

    White cough or Berry White?

    Yea winta i sappose you have a point . Bringing the gentics into the name:cool0041: RJ
  3. rollajoint

    white bubba kush

    if you read UPCOMING SEED REALESES thread he indicates wat the next drop is going to be . :afroweed: RJ
  4. rollajoint

    White cough or Berry White?

    White cough !:handshake ? HAHA
  5. rollajoint

    Cali Connection Chem Reaper Grow

    Just checking up on the ladies bro . Give it a day or two they will be reaching for the light !. Good luck man c ya in a day or two . RJ
  6. rollajoint

    white bubba kush

    Strainman had the white that everyone who has them seeds looks for Check his grow . DANK ! Hope it helps. RJ
  7. rollajoint

    Just wanted to say hi as I am new to THC Farmer

    Welcome the both of you . Hope you learn and apprechiate the great advice here at the farm, Happy growing ! RJ
  8. rollajoint

    Cali Connection Chem Reaper Grow

    Im sure they will bounce back mate good luck on the groww . Some dank coming your wayy ! RG
  9. rollajoint

    D/C hydro grow

    the guy has done his homework cant fault you there bro. Good luck in the grow i will be watching as its new to me and a lot of other people out there . Hope it goes well . RJ
  10. rollajoint

    some nuggy shots

    oooooo my god hah !! I can taste it jus looking at it haha ! Good work man . RJ
  11. rollajoint

    My New SetUp. 1000w HPS in a Grow Lab

    Looking good bro wat babys you got going in there ? RJ
  12. rollajoint

    Ultra Stealth Closet Grow

    HAHA that is stealth at its best for sure hah ! Just get a hooker in there now and youll be laughing haha ! good work man keep it up . RJ
  13. rollajoint

    Fire og,Tahoe og,Larry og,HA og,SFV og,White Fire,DUD,Original Sour Diesel

    Looking fantastic venom cant wait for friday haha keep it up mate !! RJ
  14. rollajoint

    1st dwc closet grow

    Good luckk dude ! RJ
  15. rollajoint

    White Bubba (JB)

    Cantt wait to see these babiess finish !!! Good luck man ! RJ
  16. rollajoint

    Finaly i grow my first CC strain, 6 Raskal's OG 2 OGiesel!

    Checking back in man . Some nice growth bro keep it upp !! RJ
  17. rollajoint

    WickedTree Seeds

    That looks wicked man haha ! Nice male ! RJ
  18. rollajoint

    Rise of a Monster hope.

    Good luck man sounds like a killer cross ! RJ
  19. rollajoint

    White Bubba Dry Shots!!!

    Hows it going strain nice to see you back man ! That is some dankk bud i have to sayy !! Well done man ! RJ
  20. rollajoint

    More White Bubba...

    YUMMIE !!! That looks like some dank for sure mate !! Well done ! RJ
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