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  1. Tycho

    Is this Magnesium defiency or something else?

    Good images here to help you.
  2. Tycho

    Curing buds with low RH in jars

    If you have large jars (1.9 liter - 1 gallon) every time you dip into it you're drying your bud more. Try filling a small jar to smoke from. That way you're opening your big jars less often. Every time you "fluff up" your bud, you're knocking off trichomes. It shouldn't matter a whole lot...
  3. Tycho

    Curing buds with low RH in jars

    A few weeks isn't bad. But more than that, Oxygen becomes your enemy. Even if you vacuum seal the jars, oxygen is still present and is the only risk for mold at that point. I send out Oxygen Absorbers with my curing systems to finish off the cure. For home use, it helps with long term storage...
  4. Tycho

    Searching for high THCV strains

    I always have a hard time describing weed smell or taste. I've only been able to do it three times. 1. Boreal Lights smells like a pine tree you just cut down. 2. Sluricane I scored in NY tasted like a skunk sprayed you in the mouth. Nasty. 3. Lemonade smelled like a Lemon Pie tastes. It had a...
  5. Tycho

    When does veg begin.. at the 8th note but wait there's more

    I count veg once they get their first transplant.
  6. Tycho

    Yellowing on leaves possible overwatering?

    What GNick55 said.
  7. Tycho

    Searching for high THCV strains

    There are very few strains with THCV. Durban and Swazi are two I know of for sure.
  8. Tycho

    Searching for high THCV strains

    Right Click > Save Image > To Central Cortex. 😎
  9. Tycho

    Searching for high THCV strains

    click on it. lol There's more about UVA & UVB to improve flavor and trichome production, and UVC to kill off fungus, mold spores and other nasties (spiders, bugs and stuff). It's germicidal. I'll see if I can find it.
  10. Tycho

    Searching for high THCV strains

  11. Tycho

    Searching for high THCV strains

    I have a Swazi that's right up there.
  12. Tycho

    curing nug the right way?

    I can see that working. The best smoke I've ever had was dried outdoor in a shed.
  13. Tycho

    First time growing need help with what kit to buy

    Research is good but at some point you have to pull the trigger. You can research for months and still be unsure. Good advice and experience is best. Personally, I'd go 4x4, but I like the 2x4 setup. This one is on Replace .ca with .com for the US version (I think the US inventory is...
  14. Tycho

    curing nug the right way?

    A lot of things affect drying time. Are you hanging whole plants, branches, or did you trim everything and have your buds on hanging racks? Are you removing fan leaves when you hang? Do you have a very low or high leaf to flower ratio? How much ventilation do you have? What climate are you in...
  15. Tycho

    For Sale Boreal Seeds - Blue Jag

    Popup Special. 100 fem seeds for $100
  16. Tycho

    Too much worm castings please help

    I've been growing for 50 years. Homesteader is right and has 4700 likes and 263 Trophies. Is that cred enough for you? Sheesh.
  17. Tycho

    Topped and it grew back !!👀👀

    That was early in flower. They barely have any leaves when they're ready. It's one of the few I dry trim.
  18. Tycho

    Topped and it grew back !!👀👀

    If there's one thing growing weed has taught me, it's patience.
  19. Tycho

    New here, old grow her

    We used to have a name for them. I think it was "Vanilla Ice".
  20. Tycho

    Question on seeds from a hybrid

    I must have been stoned that day because I don't. lol
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