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    Black gold..Texas Tea..bigger run

    how do you make your oil tk? besides the 100% iso part. do you use filter and funnel or what? if you don't mind me asking lol. ITA
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    Congress to consider allowing marijuana possession

    sounds good but the states will still lock you up. but anything in the right direction helps.
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    The sh!t is going down in FL.

    First of all its not safe to go to hydro stores in fl. some in tampa have cameras pointing at the stores and the cops review the tape and come arrest you. second i bet only one or two of those arrested are white, black or non Spanish sounding names. The way the papers make it seem if you have a...
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    70 days is not to long! that is when it stops turning purple. When sub first made this strain i received 100 seeds soon as it was made from the guy that gave sub the clone. sub split the seeds with him for giving him the clone. i have grown and seen more querkle seeds grown than i bet anyone. i...
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    Dissapointing results, especially compared to 2005

    where did you buy seeds from? ITA
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    yeah it does turn purple in the last days the more you let it go the more purple it will get too. i pull mine between 65-70 days unless i dont have any weed then it comes down lol. it gets more potent too the more you let it go. looks dank though my man!!!! ITA
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    Reef's Super Silver Haze

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    Marc Emery to plead guilty to U.S. drug charge

    Well economic fascism is when government takes control over business. Usa owns General Motors. ITA
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    Company makes any plant produce THC and the tomatoes are especially yummy

    hahaha yeah strawberry would taste the best. i was thinking of the weight lol maybe watermelon grapefruit or the giant pumpkins hahaa
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    Using Feminised plants for further breeding?

    chem dog and the cindy 99 line by bros grimm was all started by seeds found in pot that was only growing female plants. so the are hermie seeds. alot of people have used and breed a bag seed the found just like the plants i mention above. Hermies is a natural state in cannabis. So to say any...
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    Company makes any plant produce THC and the tomatoes are especially yummy

    how pissed would the police be if i could grow oranges with thc in them hahaha I would call it the feild of dreams lol
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    Company makes any plant produce THC and the tomatoes are especially yummy

    do you have a link for this i would love to see it. i found some info once about thc in fruit made by man and it ended up being a hoax. i sure hope its true this time hahaha but last time it was not a spray the was breeding it into the fruit. ITA
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    TGA SnowDawg

    lol yeah pig tga didnt make snow dog lol looking good though.:big_boss: ITA
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    Fruit Strains of YesterYear, a Consumer Cenus 09

    subcool aka tga has the fruitiest strains i have ever grown out. you should try them the are strong and fruity !! ITA
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    Stimulus dollars fund local study on marijuana

    finally stimulus money going to some one besides bankers and car company's ITA
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    Stone's going "Organic soil?"

    at lowe's ,ace hardware and some kmart the have premier peat moss. it says its pro mix on the back of the bag. then regular ole...
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    Tomato leafs, curling.

    when you flush you use about 2 to 3 times the amount of water to soil you have in a pot. if you have 3 gallon pot you need about 9 gallons of water to flush properly. when you do this is because you over feed or have to much salt buid up from over feeding or bad water or things like that. maybe...
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    Tincture Poll - Alcohol vs Glycerine

    i just made some and i used my bubble bag to get the weed out. i hop that was ok. i just couldt think you could even use the eye dropper that tk was feeding dogs in the pic if not. lol lol if not oh well its not like it don't grow on trees lol when it cools down in the morning i will try it...
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    Tincture Poll - Alcohol vs Glycerine

    so how much is left? does alot cook off. i mean 3 tbs of honey don't seem like alot to work with when adding a 1/4 oz of bud. hahaha. ITA
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    *Space Bomb*

    sub used tiny as the mom in space bomb f2 not space queen f2 . so space bomb would be the one you want if looking for "tiny" dom plants. ITA
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