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  1. bluebully420

    DIY LED with COBs - small medium and large grows

    you wanna get rid of your mars lights ?
  2. bluebully420

    Competition Results Catalogue

    And most of the people received beans free of charge from loompa but let me guess he will right those off. Come on man looms genorousity has graced many of us. His beans are 200 a pack yes but look at the keepers. The contest was a way for a huge pheno hunt to happen and even if he finds the...
  3. bluebully420

    The Original Og Kush

    Tk, sfv clone only, ghost, then you have the s1 clone onlys poison, faceoff, diablo, high octane etc but the triangle is legit old og
  4. bluebully420

    Best Og Kush In La

    I heard overlord is the hydroponically grown version of his headband.
  5. bluebully420

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    I finally get to join the tk club along with a few others thanks to a visit from loompa I now get the opportunity to rock the tk, loompa farms Chem og and another very special og can't wait for my next grow
  6. bluebully420

    The Dreaded Walkthrough

    I should say I had 48 hours notice and still the person doing the walk through spotted lights and ballast I'm a electrician I said I repair lights and stuff on the side needless to say they didn't renew my lease hahahahhaa
  7. bluebully420

    The Dreaded Walkthrough

    I went through the same thing brother rent a center and a fewnhindred bucks furnishes your house in 2 hours delivered
  8. bluebully420

    The Rose Garden

    There are some truely stellar potent purple beauty's in this world, my purple dogwood black dhalia cut is the perfect daytime smoke super potent as far as headhighs with not much couchlock. @ 65
  9. bluebully420

    Another Soldier Losses His Battle With The Suffering And Pain His Witnessed

    To all that have served in our time of loss a grief counsler has reccomended a place to volunteer for us to heal its at the va little things mean the most to these vets my son and daughter made up bags with the basics soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, a warm blanket, hooded sweatshirt and a...
  10. bluebully420

    Another Soldier Losses His Battle With The Suffering And Pain His Witnessed

    Very special thank you to loompa farms as I gave my brother some yetif3, a.snowman and bubster seeds to pop and grow to keep his mind on something he lived gardening after that he'd call his yeti male the iron duke pheno I have him now and plan to use him. It was that first grow that he became...
  11. bluebully420

    Another Soldier Losses His Battle With The Suffering And Pain His Witnessed

    To anyone on here I've done wrong I'm truly sorry and nothing was intentional my life has been full of heartache people I love dying children losing their battle with cancer and now my brother who served his country for 36 months and seen he'll in Iraq have up his battle within. I'm crushed...
  12. bluebully420

    Prized males, whos holdin some studs ?

    86'Skunk#1 x (86'skunk#1 x sh) Silver haze male was not a super silver haze he was chozen as a keeper in early part of 2000's
  13. bluebully420

    The Most Potent and Purpliest of the Purpz

    Purple dogwood f3
  14. bluebully420

    Sorry For Going Awol But I Got My Oompa's Rockin

    No im not, actually i sent you a few. Ima try and start a new conversation.
  15. bluebully420

    March Potm

    Sometimes you just gotta have some good purp and thanks to Loompa Farms Seed Co. I got me some very purple good purps. ""PURPLE DOGWOOD F3" aka the CenCal black cut
  16. bluebully420

    Blackdog Led "bd360-u" Vs. California Lightworks Led "solarstorm 440"

    Sweet im tryfredpg to find a great led myself to have a strictly personal room that i play with and the advantage of having low heat and lower electric bill will Give me the freedom to try new things out and still keep my production rooms hps.
  17. bluebully420

    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Wishing i was rocking that tk
  18. bluebully420

    Pain Meds For My Dog.

    There is a study where cbd rich oil has helped prolong a dogs life that has had a diagnosis of cancer now the mg tp weight ratio would be my concern. Anatomy is anatomy wether human or k9 a cancer cell is a cancer cell its age weight and over all health ratios that determine mg/lb ratios. I hope...
  19. bluebully420

    What are the top 3 strains your currently after?

    1St - lhb 2nd - legit triangle 3rd - topanga pure kush 4th - legit socal mk Gots my chem91, guava stardawg, ha og, sfv, fire, illuminati, chemd and diesle
  20. bluebully420

    Sorry For Going Awol But I Got My Oompa's Rockin

    It looks great but the smell is 10x better and now with the cure its starting to take a very sourish note to it. Very intoxicating to say the least it has been my go to for all my family when the jar is cracked its over they fall in love
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