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  1. green punk

    For Sale How much for cannabis cuts

    Duke Diamond ''s Dominion seed Co is getting close to the old skunk lines. Ive grown the chem D, the '91, and chem 4. In my opinion the D is the closest to the old skunk that used to be more available. I used have a cut called The Trinity that also had that mouth coating skunk
  2. green punk

    For Sale Fruity Pebble OG and a couple others

    Serious offers only, please. Please do homework before contacting. If interested, DMs preferred. Thanks
  3. green punk

    Co2 Climbing Like Crazy

    When you exhale its co2.
  4. green punk

    Topdawg 91 Chem And Sour Sensi Star

    Cool to see an old Chem head back in action. Glad you're well and free.
  5. green punk

    Ever Wondered Why Or What Happened To Loompafarms A Few Years Back

    Hmmm. Hang in there man. So much shady stuff happening in the seed makers business. Few breeders even exist anymore. A lot of F1's being made and sold though. IMO it seems Karma is the only one that is transparent and is laying it all out for anyone who cares to see what he is doing, and the...
  6. green punk


    That weird bud form posted earlier on and these celery stocks are mutant genetics. Could be just that... or colchicine used in t the breeding process that lead to these plants forms. Not the normal Polyploid that is typically massive and exceptionally vigorous. I had a batch of White...
  7. green punk

    Beautiful Weed Gone Harsh

    Not so much, I just started typing then realized it was a bunch of stuff that has to do with "to each their own". I don't have time or energy to really begin. peace
  8. green punk

    A M A - I'm Lino, Ask Me Anything!

    Check out the Destroyer posts around.
  9. green punk

    Chem Dog History

    I've never got to run the "D". But the motorbreath we have has the same variegation exhibited in many pics of the D that are posted and, this cut I'm familiar with has been around since jimmy made first drop of the 'breath.
  10. green punk

    Chem Dog History

    However, on the converse side there are lots of things that look special in a pic that just are not. And they get hyped to the stars...and record amounts of money paid for seeds are the result. Just sayin, we have all seen it.
  11. green punk

    Chem Talk

    And away we go! Let the new Chem games begin begin!!
  12. green punk

    Running A Mini Split During Cold Winters

    I have a Mitsubishi heat pump. Mine isn't insulated its just plywood with 2x4 frame. I take the ply wood off in summer. It stays plenty warm even at -10 F even colder at night. @wobbly goblin, Still kickin it in the trenches, don't get online much or login when I do.
  13. green punk

    Running A Mini Split During Cold Winters

    Build an enclosure leaving space for intake and put a sliding door on the front where the fan blows out. The sliding door acts as a valve to control the temperature. During cold snaps warm ups adjust opening of door etc.
  14. green punk

    Root Aphids... The Silent Killers

    Evergreen 60-6 kills them. It was posted in Lil Mis' thread a while back, I believe by member Masonite.
  15. green punk

    New Warehouse Build And Grow

    Damn dude, get better! That sounds scary.
  16. green punk

    Getting Carbon Filters On The Ceiling

    Ratchet straps
  17. green punk

    New Sealed Room Issues Please Help

    What are the temps and Humidity? It looks like too high Rh and over watering.
  18. green punk

    May Photo Of The Month

    Erkle and The White.
  19. green punk

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Yup. Urkle. And the other is The White.
  20. green punk

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Not the frostiest shot. But, here is a couple o'gals. Any guesses on the strains in this shot?
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