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  1. Billymgb

    Is it that hard to get info

    Hello tuna I too am sorry you feel like that. What I do is ask google my question first, most times it will have an answer from this fourm. Anyways thats how I do it and it seems to work.
  2. Billymgb

    Week 6 Flower Check In time

    Doesn't look like a lazy trim to me, Looks great!!!!!!
  3. Billymgb

    I harvested too early I think

    Can you post some pics so maybe someone, that may have been where your at and could help you.
  4. Billymgb

    I’m new here from South Africa, my first ever cannabis grow, need all the help I can get!

    I grow in coco and I give them cal/mag every feeding. Never had a issue.
  5. Billymgb

    9th Week of Flowering!!! Is it time to harvest yet?

    I split one just like that. I used some twisty ties and held it together just fine, You did that with those lights can't wait to see what you do with real lights lol. good luck brother.
  6. Billymgb

    how long for autos really

    There is just too many factors to say how many weeks but a loop won't let you down. You chop when you see what you want to see. Good luck brother.
  7. Billymgb

    Question about flipping my light to 12/12

    Thank you I knew you guys would know .
  8. Billymgb

    Question about flipping my light to 12/12

    Ok I have two plants growing now, both random, Anyways I flipped the light to 12/12 two weeks ago and after one week one of the plants started budding the pistils were popping out. But the other plant didn't pop any till 2 weeks went by. I am just wondering is this normal. Thank you.
  9. Billymgb

    Trichomes ready for harvest - too clear?

    It is really up to you now. If you wait a week or 2 it will just get stronger. If it were me I would flush for a week then check them again. Good luck my friend.
  10. Billymgb

    Just signed up

    Welcome and plant looks great.
  11. Billymgb

    Do you guys do anything like remove metadata before posting grow pics?

    I don't know if the site does that but I have never heard anyone talk about this before so it's probably not an issue.
  12. Billymgb

    Help finding seeds in US

    420 Seed Guy no problems!!!!!
  13. Billymgb

    Is that normal for the bottom leaves to go like that?

    Sounds good just make sure you read up on feeding plants in coco. Good luck brother.
  14. Billymgb

    Is that normal for the bottom leaves to go like that?

    I use coco and love it, but you need to look up how to water coco. Search this site I believe Aquaman wrote one about coco.
  15. Billymgb

    How much do I defoliate here

    Looks great remember KEEP ON KEEPING ON !!!!!
  16. Billymgb

    A couple of the Lady’s from last year. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    That is just so sweet. There is nothing like growing this plant right in the ground.
  17. Billymgb

    Newbie and 1st time grower

    That bloom that you have, should have instructions on the bag of when to use. Or goggle it. Good luck with it.
  18. Billymgb

    Another bug question for this noob

    I don't know what they are but I use neem oil spray. Only in veg.
  19. Billymgb

    Newbie and 1st time grower

    I am pretty sure that the first little while you only have to water them but now you need nutes. They have dry granulated nutes that you put on top of the dirt and when you water it feeds the plants. You should ask around as to what nutes to use I use house and Garden good luck peoples.
  20. Billymgb

    Newbie and 1st time grower

    No they are not pistols when they appear you will know. But it's ok that you don't know because it is all about learning. Nutes are nutrients that you mix with water. What are you growing in, as in dirt coco or whatever.
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