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  1. Ohiofarmer

    Ohio Clone named Afghani Mango

    They're a crock of shit lol. I qualify for a mmc but don't think I'm going to get one.. the prices at the dispensaries are outrageous for what they have....which I don't care either way.. i would get the mmc for protection while I'm driving but I also don't know how the new DUI laws are going to...
  2. Ohiofarmer

    Ohio Clone named Afghani Mango

    I grew up in the 330 too
  3. Ohiofarmer

    Ohio Clone named Afghani Mango

    If your still on here I'm going to swing by your shop one day. I'm in akron so its a drive for me but me and a few buddies drive up to Michigan a few times a year.
  4. Ohiofarmer

    Ph Levels Off?

    How far into bloom are you. If your towards the end you should be happy thier yellowing.
  5. Ohiofarmer

    Straight cheesin

    Straight cheesin
  6. Ohiofarmer

    Ohio Clone named Afghani Mango

    Get at me man. I think i have the strain you are looking for. Would like to know more about it.
  7. Ohiofarmer

    Stankin the dank

    Stankin the dank
  8. Ohiofarmer

    2014 vegetable garden action.....

    Those are actually musk melons, not cantaloupes... americans just call musk melon cantaloupe....anyways great to see so many summer gardeners out there. And good to see chicken man still postin good threads. Take care
  9. Ohiofarmer

    Root Pack Now 99% Talc?

    how do the registered products get away with only listing 1 active there some kind of safe check in place that would screen their products? or is that the homeopathic gardners best friend? thnks for the info btw. much appreciated!
  10. Ohiofarmer


    looks beautiful, with that much shine *cough* you probally need alotta help *cough* drinkin that...... =0 .......being the upstanding man i am. I am at your services any time you need to make that disappear.........yyyeepp i know it's tough to find such good folk but I'm willing to except the...
  11. Ohiofarmer

    unreal genetics

    I think you'll be happy with those. =P
  12. Ohiofarmer

    Root Pack Now 99% Talc?

    it's an organism, couldn't you get around this by not claiming any benefits; kinda like how homeopathic "medicines" can be sold as long as no claims as to it's efficiency are made? or is it an actual extract as oppose to a species? if you can't list a species b/c it's an pro-biotic organism...
  13. Ohiofarmer

    Root Pack Now 99% Talc?

    why would they not allow you to list certain species?
  14. Ohiofarmer

    Grape Stomper BX x The White

    Looks like some dank! what strain is pictured in your avatar?
  15. Ohiofarmer

    What does your forum username mean?

    I had sugar gliders when i was younger, never have gotten over my love for the little critters
  16. Ohiofarmer

    South Lake Tahoe's Jamie Anderdon wins gold.

    I'll show jamie my "half-pipe", then she can "grind my rail".........talented snowboarder though
  17. Ohiofarmer

    Lemon Cake

    Just got done rockin the lemon cake......Theres 3 phenos one is a slh dom. the other is the "lemon cake" pheno which is the slh structure with added terps/flavors from the kush used in the cross. Then there the straight kush pheno which is a lemony but more piney kind stringent kush, small...
  18. Ohiofarmer

    Dont worry about death, we just move onto the next universe!

    you sir are quite wise. and just to correct you so as to see it clearer the law is Energy cannot be created nor destroyed it may only change forms.
  19. Ohiofarmer

    Aptus USA Organizer hires a hitman!

    But yah people are becoming whack....some people with the way they grow their herb creates extreme paranoia when consumed.
  20. Ohiofarmer

    Aptus USA Organizer hires a hitman!

    Lol the percent chance of him having hired 3 others before the pi is 0......otherwise he would no better imo lol
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