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  1. titch1011

    I need som help please

    Thanks. I wish I had the ideal grow area but my wife doesn’t like it in the house and I’m in a state that I shouldn’t be doing it in so I make due. Maybe in a year I’ll be able to go outside
  2. titch1011

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    GSC. Week 6
  3. titch1011

    I need som help please

    I am growing GSC for the second time. I only grow one plant cause of where I live and I have to grow outside in my shed. We’ve had a little heat wave which is concerning me. I am about 30 days into my flowering and I think the heat wave is turning my pistols brown too early. They are supposed to...
  4. titch1011

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    GSC. 3.5 weeks into flower.
  5. titch1011

    Quick question on plant growth

    This is my second time growing. Is there anything that I should be doing to help my plant anymore? I am just starting my third week of flower. I feed her once a week and give her water two other days. My humidity runs between 30-40 percent. Thanks for any info
  6. titch1011

    Second time growing

    This is only my second time growing but I need a little advice please. I am growing GSC right now and a lot of sites say to trim bottom branches off of plant. My bottom branches are just as tall as my top branches and have a lot of growth on them so I’m not sure if I should touch them? It is the...
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