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  1. IhatePM

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Dolato and FNA GG . day 61
  2. IhatePM

    What Are You Pulling...... Grams Per Watt Please?

    1.3 alibaba boards no added co2
  3. IhatePM

    What did i mess up?

    I would pot up very soon.
  4. IhatePM

    What is this on my leaves? Insects ? Or what

    If in veg. Dunk the entire plant in forbid 4f Or cut your losses now and nuke the room. Chances are they are already attacking the root system.
  5. IhatePM

    14days into flower let me know what y’all think

    Strip em down day 21 Then every 2 weeks after
  6. IhatePM

    Clean water rez cooling methods?

    Trying to figure out if there is a machine, or something that I can add to my 275g ibc rez that can keep the temps under 70f in the summer months? Currently running diluted pool shock. There has got to be a better way!
  7. IhatePM

    When to flush and harvest ?

    I do 7 day flush on starting day 55 sometimes later.
  8. IhatePM

    Clones are looking pretty bad

    Was it 2% or skim milk?
  9. IhatePM

    Let's play Name That Leaf Issue.

    I recommend you run a sulfer burn in the room to rid any pm lingering around. As far as I know that's the only way to truly get rid of it. You can get burn kits on Amazon for round a benjamin
  10. IhatePM

    How to deal with high temperature inside a garage?

    Mini split the garage. Or before we got our ac system. I placed the tent next to a wall with a window, cut a hole in the tent and put a window unit In. My neighbors complained about the smell, so went different way. 😒
  11. IhatePM

    Grow lights off last 48 hours of cycle.

    2400ish watts on the flower 800 in veg
  12. IhatePM

    Grow lights off last 48 hours of cycle.

    Some say it works, some say it's complete bull shit. genetic specific is what I've herd (kush strains). I have not seen a difference when I've done 36hr. Maybe $30 off the electric bill. Currently just run it out.
  13. IhatePM


    I got a total of 70amps in the garage. Runs 2 10x10 rooms(11 boards) and a mini problems.. yet.
  14. IhatePM

    Why is my plant small

    I could be wrong but the light you're using is not providing enough juice for em. Never been a fan of burple lights
  15. IhatePM

    So whats up with the new SpiderFarmer sf7000s?

    I average 1.6 gw with alibaba boards, no added co2
  16. IhatePM

    Overnight death! Please help

    Floor fans for the smart pots would help
  17. IhatePM

    Is she sick or just cold?

    A small radiator heater would keep temps high. Growth almost stops below 55
  18. IhatePM

    Help! Broad mites or ph?

    Spraying works too but to be sure on complete coverage i would dunk the entire plant. Unfortunately in my experience all the soft stuff like soap and azamax do nothing to mites. Not a fan of avid so I suggest forbid 4f dunk . Just don't start flowering for at least 40 days. Also do some research...
  19. IhatePM

    Help! Broad mites or ph?

    They're small enough. You could do a forbid dunk.
  20. IhatePM

    Never thought it would be this hard to grow weed

    I can't stress enough how important it is to have a IPM program for every grow. Then when the mites come back (they will) you can catch it, and treat it.
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